Enjoying Home

Things have been nice and quiet for us, and I have loved it! We leave for Minnesota tomorrow which will be a fun high energy vacation. While I have loved having things be a little more low key the boys I can tell are excited to go see Winston and play in the lake. I love having Ryan around. He’s been working on a final  project for his MBA as well as doing home improvement stuff that I have been wanting to do for a long time. We aren’t quite finished with either of our projects. But what an improvement!

The boys high chair just gets thrashed! FOOD!  That thing gets a good hose down every few days. In the picture above Dad and Mr are playing with Cougar Jude. They love to play!

The chair really needed a fresh coat of paint. I have been wanting to spray it down, do something really easy but as Ryan said, “If you have to stay away from goat cheese, spray paint probably isn’t a good idea either!” So Ryan had the burden of this project, I watched out the window. We went with a fire engine red paint. I love it! I think it looks great with the pop of white tray.

It’s not quite done, Ryan told me he ‘does these things right.’ haha. He wants to sand edges, redo dripped edges, etc.  I am not detailed oriented,  I also couldn’t go very long without the chair so after it dried I brought it into the house and I’ve been letting the boys try it out. He’s told me, ‘Heath! It’s not done!” The cougar chair less is not a good reality. The red chair has definitely gone over well, a little too well! Mr Finn got so upset when Jude’s sat in it. I was able to get Jude two minutes in the chair and then Finn took oves!

Finn was strangling Jude literally pulling him out! I got him to let go for just a moment. A pretty big feat for a two year old. It wasn’t quite the same for Jude after that though!

Alright Mr!

So our little mini crib we’ll be using for a little longer, it really need some TLC. One of the bars broke, so Ryan replaced that and sanded it down. We gave it a fresh layer of creme paint. Spraying did not work well for the crib, it’s still not done. Jude’s been sleeping in Finn’s bed with him. He has a hard time falling asleep outside of his house. Finn was a great helper sanding all the chewed edges! I’m excited to show you the final product. I think all creme will sooo much betts! Who paints a baby crib black? Struggs. I love it so much more now.

I have a cute video that I’ll put up later- so check back. Finn loves doing ‘mans work!’

Being around a little bit more means cooking! Oh cooking, it makes me so happy. My prego status really takes a toll on my energy. With all these glorious peaches, we had to make a peach pie. It turned out wonderful. Ryan loves pies so we’ve made quite a few this year. I thought I would get better at doing pie crusts, but alas no! CURSE pie crusts, curse them! I stink, I’m just not patient or detailed enough to work them.  Ryan on the other hand, to the rescue! We’ll be making a lot of pies now that we have a new system. I measure all the ingredients for the crust and make the fillings and he’ll work the pie crust. Heaven!  By far our best one so far. Oh happy day.

You can count on it Millers, with my pie maker by my side we got blackberry and peach pies coming your ways this week!

2 responses

  1. Wow! I am impressed at Ryan’s crust skills. I learned how to make a crust once and decided it was too hard. Maybe I’ll give it a second try. Way to go with all the paint projects, too. They look great.

  2. Nice pie! You even have the little indentations along the edge. Good work. Blackberry pie sounds so yummy. Mmmm.

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