Welcome To The Great Lake State

We made it to Minnesota yesterday and enjoyed our first fun filled day at the Millers beautiful home. Here are a few pictures from our day. Can your heart burst with love? I couldn’t stop gushing over my nieces for like an hour. Oh I love them to pieces. They are so similar to our boys, Kennedi is walking and Adelie and Finn are best friends – both are chatter boxes. I am so excited to spend this precious time as a family.

This is one of my favorites, Adelie and Finn enjoyed the Miller’s new kayak for two.

Jumping off the dock was a riot. Adelie was a hoot to watch, she’d jump so close to the edge but she got better. Ryan and I were hysterical, we’d never seen anything like it. She loves having her head go under, so brave!

Today was my first day using my birthday present – I got a new lens! I am so excited about it.

Loved going out on the kayak! Ryan has a goal to swim every day. Swimming in open water like that is such a work out!

As you can imagine it hurts my heart a little bit to be staying on a this gorgeous lake for an entire week and not ski. (It’s a little hard on the prego bod, so I’m holding out)  It’s such a love of mine, Ryan promised to go out there and give some big WAHOO’S! We are going to enjoy lots of kayaking. It was so nice to leave the boys for just a few minutes.

The boat is looking in in tip top shape! Ryan and Mr Finn did the mans work and scrubbed everything down. Clayton, you’ll be happy to know that there are no spiders now! The boat stays on the lake so it’s extremely convenient, but it may need a little vacuuming out. Ryan has even more ambitions for the boat, maybe a wax job!

Hb is Maj. Pregs!

Tear it up Cheri!!!

We weren’t the only ones enjoying the lake! Check out this guy, flying his contraption right over the house!

Everyone getting out all that energy! Finn sure has loved Winston. We took apart Finn’s bike and brought it with us, he loved taking the dogs on a walk. He even was throwing the frisbee! My favorite thing I think will be watching these boys jump off the dock and swim. These four have so much fun playing together! I am SO lucky to have kids that same age as Leanna.

3 responses

  1. So fabulous! What a wonderful place on the lake. Looks like the nicest resort in Minnesota but no one but you guys! So so happy you guys are having a wonderful time! Magnificent photos! The perfect August! Leanna, Cindy and Peter look fantastic! So fun!

  2. I do miss Minnesota summers.. What a beautiful lake!! Love the fun pictures, it looks like you’re enjoying yourselves! Ok, I have to ask because I always wonder– how do you pronounce Adelie?? I always go back and forth between “Adele – E” and “Ada – Lee”. Maybe it’s neither?? Either way, what darling cousins!!

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