Life On Blue Lake

Here are a few more pics from Minnesota. We have another week here which we will love! I’m having so much fun on the boat, eating good food, and catching up with family. I’m loving our new camera lens, excited for Uncle Mark – our photo guru- to show me the best way to use it!

A few of these are pretty epic. As you can see Jude LOVES the John Deere tractor. He practically chases Grandma Cindy down when she gets on that thing. Another thing we have to keep our eye on. Grandma Cindy has now bonded with Jude, since riding on the tractor.

Thanks Libby for snapping this! Finn’s hair was flying around like crazy while Dad was skiing. She shot this through the window. Mr Finn is such a handsome boy! Love those long eye lashes. Maybe we’ll let you cut your own hair again sometime Finn, I sure do love being able to see your eyes. Maybe a mullet is the cut for you!

Spending a week every summer on this smooth lake is going to be such a treat. All this ski time right at our finger tips! I’m a happy, happy girl. Ryan really loves to ski too. He’s really getting better, every time he gets out there! He tried out Mark’s helmet for the first time last night. I got to see Mark ski for the first time, strong skier. Dang these young boys are strong. I don’t want you to get sick of ski shots. I’ll post a fun one of Mark when I have a really good shot. I experienced my first storm in the mid west the other night it was unreals. Thunder and lightning, and unreals powerful rain. I had my face pressed up against the window with my knitting. I was happy, Ryan was like, “Well HB here’s your storm!” So fun!

Cheering on Dad skiing! It was a cooler day yesterday, left over from the big storm. So nice!

The Millers have a fun tradition that every couple takes a night and cooks. It’s good for everyone, makes it so Cindy doesn’t have to spend 24-7 in the ktichen. Well I am always a bit struggs and end up wanting to make stuff that leaves me cooking for what seems like outrageously long. I have a hard time not just being myself. So this year I wanted a fast yummy meal that I know always tastes great. So I made ‘Seattle Salmon’ from one of my favorite cook books that’s actually called -‘ Favorites ‘ if you are from the beehive state you probably have it. Since it’s NOWHERE on the web and I made my brother TD read it to me over the phone I”m posting it now. It’s written very vaguely so if you have questions you can ask but it’s something for you. If you so choose to make it. It’s my favorite salmon recipe. My brother T.D was like, “Dang this does sound good!”
Seattle Salmon Recipe

I quart soy sauce
1 pound brown sugar
1 tsp dry mustard
2 cloves garlic minced
1 TBSP fresh ginger minced
1/2 cup white wine
6 salmon fillets 8 oz each
3 tbsp sesame seeds

Toast sesame seeds set aside

Prepare marinade by preparing all ingredients, place fillets in mixture and marinate 4-6 hours. Put in large piece of aluminum foil. cover loosely and cook 7-10 minutes, (At around 300) or when fish breaks when fork. Cook until fish flakes. [We half everything all the time because at home I am only usually cooking 3 fillets. Yesterday I cooked like 8 fillets – the marinade goes a long way if you have to cook a lot)

Leanna is like the queen of great activities for kids, she’s got the side walk chalk, bubbles, tons of coloring books, stickers. Little A can actually color in the lines, oh and she sings! It’s awesome. The kids went to town with the bubbles. We get to go see their new town home tomorrow which I am so excited about. Nate- quick side note that french toast breakfast seriously kicked petutie. I got home from church and was thinking about it.  That was the best thing I’ve eaten all month. Note to self: French toast on sourdough with LOTS of cinnamon.

I have to say, it all really is so pleasant. The Millers sprayed for mosquitoes this year, and it shows! I haven’t been bitten once. I was prepared to be caking on the repellent and I haven’t put any on at all! YA!

Since my dinner was so easy I couldn’t help but want to do a fun dessert! So we made pie since we have been making that so much at home. Ryan made that deal with me, so I did the fillings and he rolled out the crust. We made two pies, a blackberry and a peach. Basically the only ones I make, but we love these ones! Ryan seriously has some skills. The crust really was pretty. *All you women if your husband does nothing in the kitchen don’t write them off quite yet, they may surprise you! I know I sure am surprised. Seriously, the love can do pie crusts?! WHAT! Way to go Cheri!!!

This one is my favorite, I told Ryan that I loved the North, South, East and West and he’s like yes… ‘It’s a compass.’ Struggs HB. I think most people just call that ‘a compass’
Jumping off the rock together! Finn held her hand, it was precious.

The boys take an evening tub with Grandma. Usually Finn is really good, except for when mom comes in to try and get a picture. Then he throws down the fake tears. Someone really hates getting his hair washed. It’s good for Finn to have to toughen up and get his hair wet. They swim like fish, and scream enjoying the echo.

Unwinding after a fun day, love watching the Olympics! Can’t wait to see more women’s beach volleyball. That’s my favorite event.

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  1. Heath- your salmon dinner was unreal!! We just loved it. Adelie not only went in for seconds, but thirds!! I just love all these pictures! They make me so happy. The picture of you and me and the kids is my favorite!!!

    We are loving all our time with you and your sweet family!!! Thanks for being so happy for us at our house today! Love you!!

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