Marrow Sucking in the ‘Soda!’

Our annual August trip to Minnesota is one of our favorite parts of the summer, talk about some serious marrow sucking! What is it about water that just gets to me? You may have to break up looking at this post, LOTS of pictures coming your way.

Ryan and Mark loved skiing! Forget the daily swim across the lake and back, these boys would just take turns skiing until they literally had nothing left!

Check out Mark tearing it up! Love the shape of the water in this shot, nice job Cheri! Both Mark and Ryan really had turning points in their skiing this trip – unfortunately the best skiing was the last night, when Mark set up a ski course and both enjoyed tearing up the glass-still water for over an hour! Of course, nobody brought a camera on the boat, but we were all too jazzed up about the magnificent turns they were making to bother with it anyways. They tore through both boots on a fairly new HO slalom ski, if that is any indicator of the amount and intensity of the skiing! Took quite the repair job to get it ready for action the next morning! This photo of Mark was pretty much how most of their turns looked at the end, if not better. Unreals! From the dock you could see giant sprays across the lake, it was awesome.

The weather was great, not too hot or humid. We spent lots of time in the water. Ryan when he wasn’t skiing loved the swim across the lake and back with Petes and Mark. I always escorted them in a kayak just in case, but I headed back early one day and took some shots of them coming across. Nearly a mile swim every day does wonders for the bod, and the appetite.

Fishing, fishing, fishing!!! I caught fish as a kid, but I must not have gotten it out of my system because I loved watching the boys catch those sun fish off the dock. The boys now know all about: frogs, turtles, and fish!

Grandma Cindy spotted this little guy in the back yard. I guess he’s called a ‘painted turtle’. Ryan knows a lot more about turtles, fishing, and catching frogs than I thought he did.

We got to meet Mark and Libby’s new baby girl Harper Eden. She never went out on the boat, so everyone switched off staying with her on the dock. Ryan still doesn’t quite have the touch with newborns – Harper wasn’t too happy with Ryan on the dock.

Speaking of the dock it will come to no surprise that Cougar LOVED not just swimming in the lake but swimming underneath the dock! Spiders, darkness… no worries! Finn was watching Jude shriek with joy and hesitantly went under as well to check things out. That Jude Everest is something else.

The boys loved being on the boat. Finn has been asking to ‘go on a trip’ since the moment we got back home. “Go to Grandma’s house, go on Pete’s boat, go to Gigi’s house, go to pirate ship park”…. basically can we be anywhere but here?

The boat and I are becoming better friends. It’s not easy to break hours of habit and feeling of what you think a boat will do. Outboards are sooo different. The first time I got behind the boat for the first time I nearly drove into the shore, really it’s that different – no power steering and your turning ability is NOT THE SAME. I am pulling Ryan one afternoon and after me taking some pretty dodgy turns close to shore he said, “Where were you going? ” Answer: I couldn’t control the boat. What I said was, oh… just wanted to straighten out. That first turn is always a doozy for me.

My only low from the trip well besides a small laundry accident, was all the spider bites I got on my ankles. I didn’t getting bit once the whole week and then the night before we left we had a bonfire and I got pretty much devoured. Sitting right in front of the wood in a skirt, not a good idea. I thought they were just mosquitoes but Cheri says it was probably spiders. I literally have 15 bites on each ankle. Good thing it was worth it – charades by firelight kicked petutie.

The bonfire was probably one of the biggest highs from the trip. So fun! Thanks love for making that happen! The other highlight that really sticks out was spending an evening in the Cartwright’s family neck of the woods. They just bought their first town house- new! It was awesome. Seriously can I go be a little girl there? It’s a little girls dream house! I’m always joking about channeling my inner ‘Lelers’ she reminds me of my mother – everything is organized and she always knows where everything is!

After spending a few hours at their place they took us out to one of their favorite neighborhoods in Wayzata – 50th and France. (Awesome shops, great food, oh and a Montage Resort and Spa? Yes I liked this place!) We went to this restaurant called ‘Domico’s’ It was so good. Our food was unreals. Check out my pizza.

Mark and Libby are doing so well with Baby Harper. 5 weeks old and they were up for anything, anywhere.

We went and got the most amazing creamery after our dinner. Seriously the best mint chocolate chip ice cream I’ve ever tasted! Yum! Finn loved sharing all of his treats.

The boys loved playing with the dogs. Bella the dachshund really is a special dog. I didn’t enjoy Winston as much this trip, he was a bit naughty this trip but I know there is a lot of potential there. We’ll see next time we visit.

I will always remember the boys sneaking off to pick tomatoes at this age. They were always over there!

Two things: wow HB is PREGS, but even more incredible is that Grandma Roz is 80, just beat colon cancer and STILL has so much spunk and energy. She gave me some great pointers on my knitting.

I love having things to look forward to, it makes life so much sweeter. When I get down I will be thinking of this – Blue Lake on a glassy morning waiting for a non-prego HB to come make some turns!

5 responses

  1. We enjoyed your visit–so great to see you and spend time with your family! You’re using a pretty big camera–so I am surprised that you were able to lug it along and take so many memorable shots. By the looks of the blog, you must have gotten home without incident! Thanks again for making the trip! Love, dad/petes

    p.s. the lake will be here next year–and the water and boat will be ready for you to show up your husband (although he’s pretty darn good!)

  2. thanks for documenting this trip – it was a blast being there! i look forward to getting more tips from you next year on skiing, and seeing the pro in action! thanks for supporting baby harper – we were so excited to introduce her to the family! and as always, nice job with the pics – the new lens is treating you well..

  3. Heath, that lake is amazing. Reading this post reminded me of Vega. I’m sure you can get out there and still throw it down on the ski. Love to you and your cute family!!

  4. I can’t tell you how happy this post makes me. It was so wonderful to see you guys. We just adore you. I love all of these pictures, and will definitely be printing pictures of all the kids together to hang around the house. I love the videos too! We’ve watched them again & again. Sure love you guys! xo.

  5. So fun to be able to share a little in this. Such an amazing place. So happy you all got to enjoy yourselves together while you are all working so hard to create your lives as new families. Amazing people!

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