August at Crystal Cove

Check out Mr Finn’s new dinosaur underwear! Jude is really fighting a bug! He has had horrific breath, heavy thirst, and some interesting bowel movements. Checked the blood sugar tonight, 81. Still no type 1 diabetes to be found. With his pungent breath that has lingered for days I thought for sure it was potential diabetes. The thirst must just be from spending so many hours running around at the beach. This is what he does at the beach run around the WHOLE time!

I have been organizing up a storm! Ryan said it well, “WHAT has gotten into you!” “Whatever it is, keep going, keep going!” I don’t think he’s ever seen me go so hard for so long. Special thanks to Lelers for inspiring me to be better organized after seeing her muns town house, oxi-clean for really getting me into the mood, and oh yeah baby boy number #3 may have helped 🙂 I think nesting may have kicked in for a momes. I cleaned out my closet, oxi-cleaned my diaper bag, the linoleum floor, the boys drawers, our bathroom… I was rolling. After not doing too much for two days Finn was pretty much a monster child, so to the beach!! We’ve been at Crystal Cove for the last few days, it’s been lovely.

Jude sure has been a delight lately! His personality has really blossomed.

Darn, this is really disappointing. I am unable to load many of my photos. WordPress just keeps giving me error. It may work better tomorrow, do some updates. I’ll try to give you what I can, but check back lates.

This is going to be an intense semester! School starts Monday, it’s going to be great though. We’re going to really work in some quality time.

So many more to put up, it’s late and the boys are really giving me a run for my money these days so I need to go get some rest. We are in the thick of potty training with the Mr. So struggs with the poopers. He does not seem to know the motion when sitting down. It’s do or die time with being 25 weeks pregnant with another boy, so if Finn is ever going to get out of diapers we better work at it over the next 4 months. We take his potty with him every where, beach, balboa island, the store, all the minutes on the toilet he’s improving. He’s cute, when he makes mistakes he says, ‘Try again?’ He really is sweet, but boy he’s been really pushing his luck this week. He’s been spoiled by his Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Petes. Back to hard tack and gruel 😉

I just realized, Jude!  He’s probably sick because he drank the lake water in MN. Some sort of bacteria infection. We’ll keep you posted! Cougs!

3 responses

  1. That Finn is a sharp dresser–cool swim suit, Badger inspired sunglasses, and wild undies! In no time the 4 year old girls will be tracking him.

  2. this looks wonderful! such great times for your family!! I bet those boys just love running around that beach – I can just imagine Cougar running, running, running!

    love those dinosaur underwear, Mr!!!!! 🙂

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