In a Rut –

Re-entry from vacation has always been hard for Finn. The adjustment from a large house and especially a back yard to our one bedroom apartment is dramatic to say the least. Our place might as well be a cage – even with all my efforts of trying to getting out. It’s just not nearly the same. Finn is a very likeable child, he has an innate desire to please and can be quite angelic. Since we’ve been back from MN, Finn has been making it pretty difficult to ‘like him’. The ease of motherhood ebbs and flows and for the moment we are definitely in a rut. There is always good to see, luckily someone on the outside can usually laugh at what is pretty much deemed disaster. 

One of my favorite ‘disaster’ moments was one night after tucking Finn into bed Ryan pulled the covers a little tighter and felt something hard under the blanket. Under the covers Finn had stashed a large costco size shell of blackberries. Ryan pulled out the berries and Finn said, “I eat those tomorrow, when Jude wakes up.” It was quite funny, the next morning he made good at that promise when I found him and Jude with the carton eating away on his bed. (Do they baby proof fridge? I may need to! Those were for pies!) Thank you oxi-clean for being able to get all the blackberry stains out of the comforter.

Hb motto- ‘Don’t get cocky hb, don’t get cocky!’ Well I have felt pretty confident in the past of my what seemed almost infinite patience. Food on the floor, spilled milk, toys scattered, whining, incessant baby crying – oh I can handle all that. ‘Don’t get cocky Hb, You don’t know what the Mr can dish out!’ Fighting… oh boy, oh boy. Nothing zaps it more for me, I seriously can’t handle it. Finn beating up on Jude. I know he just wants a reaction out of me, but what is killing me is not the baby behavior, the whining, or spilling or making mistakes. It’s the beast behavior, it’s the ‘oh no this child is acting like a monster behavior!’ Ryan had the GENIUS, (genius man, genius!) idea of bringing our gate from the porch and putting it between the kitchen and the family room. When Finn gets into one of these I want to just pound on Jude for no reason moods I can just separate them. It makes me so happy to see Jude safely tucked in his area, playing with his cars. (Oh that boy and cars, you’ve never seen a boy more in love with cars) and I can see it in Finn’s eyes. Oh what do I for attention now? I can’t reach him. HAHA! YES! I know it’s a phase, like I said earlier the ebb and flow of motherhood. Finn’s likability is just a bit low at the momes.

It’s 9:54 pm here. Finn has come in four times to use the restroom. I finally put his little toilet out by his bed. I just turned to Ryan and said, ‘Shoot. I forgot to put the stools up on the counter.’ Problem because Mr. Finn climbs up the stools, plays in the sink, plays in the protein powder, or ransacks the pantry for his chewable vitamins ALL danger, danger. That’s probably why I am feeling a bit fried. Usually I get a break at night but Finn has not been letting me have any alone time. I even suggest going to bed and he starts to scream, where did this come from? The ebb and flow. The wonders of motherhood. Thank heavens for good friends who I can call and just have them pick up and I can cry, and they can say, “Is Finn being a beast?” And I can say, “Yes” and they will make me laugh through tears and I can move forward.

My mom’s birthday is on Friday. One of the reasons I love her is that when she hears about Finn’s naughty ways, she loves him so much in that Gigi way that she listens to me, but doesn’t quite believe that Finn can do wrong. Maybe it’s because Finn will ALWAYS do what Gigi says. Potty training is on the up, thank heavens. It has nearly killed me, manage expectations Cougar probably won’t be potty trained until he is probably four. That’s going to be an adventure.

High: I made cookies with Finn tonight. Something I used to do at least twice a week, since being pregnant my diet has consisted of more than cookies and vegetables – unfortunately it seriously used to be largely that. I was pulling out some stuff asking him if he wanted to make cookies and he said, “I need cookies.”  “I need chocolate.” Oh boy – you my little friend are your mother’s son and Gigi’s grandson. I pack them with oats… give me a little grace 😉

Love giving my boys baths, I am obsessed with that Johnson’s ‘Bedtime bath.’ After switching from washing their hair every other day to every day the boys are finally over getting their hair washed, so they are so clean every night and it makes me feel good as a mother. Jude is really blossoming. I think growing teeth was really hard on Jude. Since teeth are in, and I no longer give that boy dairy his behavior has been pretty much a night and day difference. I think he is lactose and tolerant because now his bowels are better and he seems happier.

Grandma Cindy had this at her house, and I asked if I could have it. Life changer 🙂 I really struggle with that ‘middle ground’ cooking. Where it’s 30 minutes in the kitchen, not two hours. I need to be able to cook at least 3 times a week, not be killing myself. I love it! I have planned out a month and a half of meals to make 3 times a week and they are with real ingredients that I like but the recipes require like 10 ingredients or less in pretty much every recipe. They are fast. We are one week into meals, and they are fantastic. Tonight we had a simple pasta dish with fettuccine, leeks, artichoke, and parmesan. The ingredients were so simple but the flavor was there. I’m happy.

6 responses

  1. Oh I love Real Simple. I should check out that book. I’m totally the same when it comes to cooking. I’m glad you guys are back from all of your vacationing.

  2. ok…the blackberry story is TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!! oh how I love those boys! this is one of the best stories. you are going to be laughing about that one for a long time!

  3. ha, I LOVE the blackberry story and how Finn was reasoning with Ryan like – “duh, dad I have them in bed so I can eat them” – too funny.

  4. I like the way Finn diverted the attention to make it look like he was the good guy–and would be sharing with Jude in the morning! Hang in there, Heather–we’re pulling for you! You’re doing great!

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