Thank you Finn-

Thank you for doing ‘poopers’ in your toilet. I can barely contain my excitement knowing that you really are getting it. Accidents are becoming increasingly more rare, and we have peeked with the potty training. *While we will still put a diaper on him at night for as Finn says, ‘just in case’ most nights he still is fresh in the morning.

For when I’m doing this again in a year or so – how did we finally come to have success? A message of encouragement for me.

Hb, there is no easy answer how to make potty training easier. Trust your instinct, you know the cues. Don’t give up. Take deep breaths, I know you’ll be near tears throughout the day but that means you’re getting closer. Be patient, *tell him he can use the lysol spray if he does poopers in the toilet. It sure made Finn excited! Drink lots of water yourself so you have to go a lot yourself, if you need to go he may want to go too. Give yourself some grace, you can make being inside fun. You don’t always have to be outside, find the right balance between going on outings and staying close to home. Manage your expectation it will take weeks, but it will end. It will. You’re strong Hb don’t give up – you can do this. You know that some kids get it easier, don’t take it to heart that this is so much harder than you think it should be. As long as he gets it eventually it really doesn’t matter. Just keep it up, trust yourself Heath. Take deep breaths, go knit a few rows ; ) It will be oves soon.

Finn, Thank you for eating  broccoli yesterday. You’ve actually been excited to eat mushrooms, and carrots. It makes me feel so good seeing you eat real food. (Turns out if Finn cooks it with me, he will eat it) Mr. I’ll make deal with you – I’ll let you cook with me every night: stirring, pouring, the whole 9 yards if- you’ll eat the food!

*Did I mention that when I let him blanch peaches with me a few weeks ago he poured liquid soap all over the counter and covered them with soap!

Thank you for easing up on Jude and not lashing out when you feel frustrated. Turns out that while I’m sure consistency is still the most important element to discipline, for some reason ceasing to give ‘time out’ for every shove has totally improved your behavior! In lieu of time out showering Jude with attention and ignoring Finn seems to have made hurting Jude less appealing.

High of the day: When dancing to Jay Z in the kitchen in my struggs HB fashion Finn told me to, “Shake it!”

Low: When you whacked me with the pewter serving spoon while on the phone. I always seem to be blind sided with some sort of act of violence while on the phone. HB crying out in pain while on the phone is not a rare occurrence! Good thing I’m rarely on the phone.
*Btw – Been washing all the baby clothes for baby number 3! Hooray for kissy kissy cotton, matching layette sets, and white waffle blankets. So happy I get to do this one more time!.



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  1. Oh my goodness remind me to come back and read this post in a could years when it’s Harpers turn to hit the potty! My favorite was “tell him he can use the Lysol spray” – soo hilarious! Great post

  2. Heather and The Potty,
    Already my dear, since you opened this, I get to share a little about your brilliance and the potty. (You know I would not share if it wasn’t pure brilliance). Heather, Gigi and I remember you and the potty more than any of the boys. This is not just because you were wicked quick, but the shear comedy. While I know the number of Miller Blog followers is significant, I know it is a safe group. Here is the summary:

    Heather realizes it was “popper time,” (to use your vernacular), she would then go to the bedroom and bring one of us a diaper; she then retires privately to her favorite wall to lean on, facing the wall with only her head touching the wall; (I will not share the sounds made by her voice as that is crossing the line), she then takes care of her business brilliantly; comes to one of us and with a full arm swing, pounds on her diaper clearly signaling that she is ready for …..what do you call them: ” a fresh one.”

    That was the first phase….pre-potty. I think this was a 15-16 months. So fun! The potty was then easy pickens!!!

    Love you…..hope you don’t hate me for sharing. BTW, for what it’s worth, the boys took a lot long so don’t feel bad that you were so fast and your boys were not as quick. Your brothers weren’t either!

    Happy Sunday…….(this is what happens when you don’t have to teach SS…….you make PG13 postings!!)

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