Laguna Beach, and an Update from HB

The boys and I enjoyed a great beach day with our good friend Jamie and Beth yesterday.  It has been hot, hot, hot, and I do not function well prego in the heat. Who does in general? Being on the coast felt great! The waves are huge right now! We were down in Laguna, sorry not much to see. My battery died two minutes after pulling the camera out. Struggs HB!

Mr Finn was great with the babies! Hooray! He actually shared! PHEW 🙂The seagulls were crazy, even with the five us right there they were diving into our bags trying to take our food! Jamie had to chase one of the seagulls down to get my bag of carrots back!

All and all it was a great afternoon. Cougar was fussy, he hadn’t slept well and of course ten minutes after being there he discovers the parking lot. After that, all he wanted me to do was have me chase him the entire time. Struggs Jude. In the beginning he would throw our balls over this ridge, and I’d pick them back up. Jamie who knows how Jude is at the beach was like, “At least he’s not trying to go into the road every second!” Oh, just give it a few more minutes.

I’m really happy right now. It was a great week, my dad surprised me by coming into town for 24 hours. He was in San Francisco and took a flight down to do some work down here for the day. The boys and I had dinner with him at our favorite – R&D Kitchen. Man, maybe that’s why I had so much energy at the beach yesterday! That chicken chopped salad in my system is rocket fuel!

I love the public library. Ryan would argue that I haven’t used it even remotely to the degree he does – translating to: you don’t like the library. It’s hard going with the boys to browse for myself. We’ve been taking some family outings to the library lately and we take turns with the boys. I’ve found some serious treasures. Last week I got Gwyn’s cook book ‘My father’s daughter’ and I think I had marked 75% of the pages to be copied. Ryan took it to school and copied all my requested pages. He even had them bind it for me. I made her roasted cauliflower tonight. I wasn’t expecting to like the book so much, but every dish was I was all about it. We are on the same vein on food. No red meat, lots of veggies, and simple. I love how she talked about why she loved each dish so much. I want to try every vegetable side dish. They are right up my alley. I made her peanut butter cookies. Toppy, I was thinking of you. You would have definitely enjoyed these. I don’t know why but browsing pinterest for food creativity hasn’t been quite as fun lately. I’m reading Julia Child’s cook book. I thought it would be far too complex to get much out of, but it’s already brought a big smile to my face.

And my REAL highlight of my week. Oh where do I begin. Guy, this is big. I mean stars, universe, whatever you want to call it. I was mean to be a knitter peeps. The craft world and I do not mix, I really wish it did but it just never really has. Until…. Hb got her needles. The story of a craftless HB. Just kidding, so quickly the run down. After getting my needles and learning how to knit I browsed online looking for simple projects where I stumbled upon the purl bee
Wow, this blog can make even the most anti-craft person feel inspired to want to try their own hand at some of these modern creations.  The blog was inspired by some individuals who are affiliated with their store, Purl Soho. It is in Manhattan and seems like a gem of a place.

While perusing their site one evening, I saw a blurp about shopping in their warehouse. They have one shop in NY, but they have a warehouse where they run everything for the online store out of. The universe wants me to keep knitting guys – the warehouse is in TUSTIN. Tustin, CA. Here! What, WHAT?! Tustin, sorry the shock just did not get old. Well me and the boys did a little shopping this week, we drove over to the warehouse. I got my materials for the baby blanket that I am in the process of making for baby #3. It was… amazing. It was so cool. COOL! It was huge, they have so much goodness. I mean this yarn, they had fabrics, and all this other goodness. There were a few other shoppers too. Look at the skeins I picked out for the blanket.

It took me forever to pick out the pattern I wanted. I had looked at all these books from the library, and online, but I decided on this simple four corners blanket. The whole blanket will be blue. The corners are yellow, and there will be a white strip.

So far so good! I’ll have Ryan document me in action one of these nights. I just started this week. It will probably take me at least a month to make. I would think. We’ll see! I’ll show how you my progress in a few days.

My last set of booties for a while. It was my dear friend Haley’s birthday. So I sent these to her. I did it with a 4 ply yarn doubled with a white sport weight, and I added an elastic so it will stay better on your feet. (That’s the secret!) Success. It’s not Grandma Roz quality but it should be practical and I think they’re cute.

I like feeling connected with you, which is why I’m posting now. Even though after reading this you know I want to be knitting! haha.

Quick pregnant business: I’m around 28 weeks now. We’re flying now. I washed all the baby clothes and got them folded and put into his spot. I’ve been looking forward to unpacking my ‘kissy kissy’ layette sets. Love good cotton, and waffle blankets!! Feeling pretty good, getting BIG. Some days I admit I want to get injected with adrenaline, B12, something because there is just nothing in the tank! Glad I’m doing this while I’m young. This prego business is really something!

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  1. Wonderful post, sweetheart! This knitting thing is….well, so amazing! Who starts knitting in 2012, let alone the small detail that you are two kids under three with one more popping soon! You are your “mother’s daughter,” the only way I can wrap words around it. You are delightful, amazing and a miracle that someone can be so full of goodness is this challenging world.

    Delightful post, you just crack me up. Reading your blog brings hope and is very relaxing–my knitting!

    Love you

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