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  1. Don’t we love it when Cheri does the posts!? Very artistically done love. Great post! That last shot is my favorite.
    A few things photos can’t capture:
    -Finn asking to ‘go get a doughnut’ on the walk back to the car. That’s my boy!
    -Finn saying, “Night, Night Beach!” about 20 times on the drive along PCH
    -Finn saying, “Dirty Hands, Dirty Hands!” when he would see Jude with sand all over.
    The ramblings of Finn are truly hysterical these days. Ryan and I have been exchanging glances all weekend, trying to contain our smile. I don’t think anyone makes me sincerely laugh as Finn does. We are entering into a beautiful phase of parenting. It feels so sweet right now.
    Finn has been easing up on Jude with the tackling but he’s taken it upon himself to help do the parenting. Jude tried to stand up in his high chair tonight after being at the beach and Finn said, “SIT DOWN JUDE, SIT DOWN JUDE!” Then proceeded to give a full account of what happens if you stand up – broken arm.

    Oh man, Ryan just slipped out to get some water. Finn still awake in his bed. Forgot to lift the stools up, yup – Finn was in bed with a bag of marshmallows.

  2. What a great day at the beach! These are some beautiful pictures. I am sure it is fun to see Finn talking more–and sneaking more food to bed! ttfn

  3. Love these photos!! These are awesome. I bet the boys are going to have such wonderful memories from crystal cove. I can’t wait till there’s a 3rd little guy running around with them!!

    Heather – you look great!! Hope you’re feeling good! You look happy as always!

    Love you guys and miss you. The girls and I have been looking at these pictures and videos over & over!!

    Oh…and the marshmallow story is hilarious!!

  4. I love your little family. You’re pictures always make me soo excited to have two boys. I especially love the picture of you (Heather) and Jude. So precious!

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