My New Discovery

Manual? We’ve had our camera for almost three years now but switching from ‘auto’ to ‘manual’ has always seemed extremely daunting and I just haven’t been up for it. That is until we checked out this book from the library. It’s been a real adventure learning these basics, but it is going to be worth it. I have a LONG way to go before I really know what I’m doing on manual. But I am starting to get it, and it’s really exciting. Check out my first attempts this weekend on manual.

Both Finn and Jude have been a little under the weather. Ryan and I went to a Dave Matthews Band concert last night at an amphitheater in Irvine, so the boys got to show off their toys to the babysitters – they were excited! Jude loves snuggling into our bed – he is changing so much. Jude and Ryan are very good friends now, and Jude goes ecstatic when Ryan gets home from school. It’s great to watch-

We decided not to buzz Finn’s head after he took a scissors to his bangs in July. His hair is growing back slowly, but it makes for some interesting looking pictures!

Quick antidote about the boys this week. Cougar, well I THINK it was Cougs – flushed his ‘Lightning McQueen’ race car down the toilet. I didn’t KNOW he flushed it until the maintenance man  after working on our clogged toilet for over an hour decided they needed to take the whole toilet out and pump it. Voila, race car!  It’s always an adventure with these boys!

4 responses

  1. I think you’ve got that “manual” mode figured out already! Great quality in these shots! I know you two don’t take many dates–so what a treat to see a DMB concert! Now, keep that toilet taped shut! pjm

  2. Love the pics with the lime popsicle! Both boys look happy. Grandma Cindy got an iPad last week; starting my “education” classes on Friday. Hope to become more comfortable with Apple, ie. my phone and the big computer in the den. Was good to hear your voice last night Heather. Hope you’re taking care of yourself.

  3. Heath – way to take the plunge and go manual! I tell all my friends that that is the way to go. Figure out the three or four elements of a camera and bam, you are good to go! The pics look good, keep it up! Love the race car story!

  4. nice work!!! you guys always take beautiful pictures – I love the pictures of Jude on the bed!!

    how’s the baby blanket coming along, Heather? I’m dying to hear!!!

    hope school is going well, Ryan! we hope you’re doing great. xoxo

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