Hello Friends –

Hello friends, family, been missing you.  Thought I’d share some of the craziness that you know is always going on at the Miller house!

Jude: Cougar as we’ve always known, truly is quite a character. Yesterday after folding a load of laundry on our bed, I walked out to see Finn playing alone in our front room with trains. It had been two or three minutes since I had heard Jude and that usually means trouble. So I was anxious to see… ‘Why so quiet Cougs?’  I walked out and Jude isn’t in the kitchen isn’t playing with Finn. Front door is closed. The gate on the porch is up, so he can’t get out but I’m thinking, “Oh man, Finn closed the door on him.” I open up the front door, granted it’s been no more than a few minutes that I’ve heard him. I open up the front door and nothing. No Jude. No Jude in bedroom, No Jude in family room. We only have one bedroom, WHAT! No Jude on the porch. I run to the bathroom, run to the closet, yelling his name. Seriously starting to panic. I’m thinking, “Did someone climb up my stairs and snatch him during the one minute that somehow the front door got closed?!” Literal heart attack. Well I don’t know what prompted me I guess I was just frantically trying to yank everything open, but we have this tiny closet that holds our shoes. I mean, small. It was closed half way on our porch, I swing it open and there is Jude with this HUGE smile on his face. Sigh. Jude. Jude LOVES to hide. I had been YELLING his name, and he was hiding! He’s done this once before, but the front door was wide open so I wasn’t day dreaming of some awful thing happening. It’s the funniest thing to me because when I’m yelling Finn’s name he always responds we try playing hide and go seek with him but he really isn’t a ‘true hider’.  We are in a one bedroom apartment! What about full fledged house? I mean Jude is still young, am I really at that time already? He knew exactly what he was doing. He knew I’d be out in one minute to find him and he snuck into the tiny closet, held the door closed and on tip toes barely concealing himself hid from me, even when I frantically called for him. Not a peep. Complete silence. Smarter than the average bear.

Finn: Lost his bouncy ball at the park. Here he is sad that he can’t find it. He had lost it the night before and we went back and found it early the next morning (when I took these pics) yesterday. Two minutes later it was gone again. Struggs. Finn is obsessed with painting right now. We’ve been painting posters like crazy. He just goes crazy for the paints. It’s a great activity for us because the weather is hot, hot, hot, hot here! Today for example – 109 in San Diego. We go out early in the morning and then go on a family walk at night. But stepping foot outside in my prego status I literally feel like a car overheating. 

Ryan: Officially has a graduate degree now. He got his final grade back from his thesis project, A. Way to go Cheri. That means that he’s officially Mr. MBA as I’ve been calling him around the house. So proud of him. Did you know that Ryan didn’t walk for graduation in high school, college, or for his MBA program. I don’t think he’ll be able to walk for law school either since he’s graduating early! Poor thing. We made a poster, a spice bunt cake and tried to enjoy the moment that we really are getting closer to being done with school. You know how Cheri likes to follow the news – he’s been reading a lot about the attack on our embassy in Libya.  What a nightmare.


HB: The boys and I went back to our favorite skein store to get my yarn rolled into balls. With all my reading from knitting books and blogs, they don’t mention the cardinal rule of having someone hold your yarn while you roll it or wrap it around the chair. My first ball I tried to roll became an absolute tangled mess after 30 seconds. The store will wind it for free so that was great. My blanket is slowly coming along. It will probably take me a few more weeks to finish if not a whole month. I do at least a  few rows every night but it definitely takes some time. Loving my colors, and after making a few mistakes I really figured out the intarsia. Here’s how it’s coming!

My first experience on manual in full sun was definitely an adventure. Tricky business but I learned some good stuff. Just trying to keep learning.

My two different sides of the blanket. Hopefully I start making some good progress.

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    • Sneaky boy, Cougar! Love the dimple on the back of his left elbow! Stay cool in the sweltering heat! My new snack for hot weather is frozen grapes. It’s a trick we use on dialysis patients to get them to drink less fluids. They taste great on a hot day, for anyone. Great blogpost , Heather. Finn makes me want to cry, though! So sad.

  1. Heather! Man am I impressed at your stamina – knitting (blanket looks great by the way!), blogging, learning ‘the manual’, chasing around two boys while growing another one! So happy to see you guys are doing so well. We are super proud of Mr. MBA. Miss you guys!

  2. Heather!!!!!! Your blanket looks awesome!!! I’m so impressed. You are super talented!! I can’t wait to see your little guy bundled up in it. Oh my gosh! You are 30 weeks already!!!!! I can’t believe it. Do you have a name? I can’t wait to meet the next little miller boy!

    Jude and Finn are adorable as always! Love the story about Jude hiding. What a sneaky little guy!!!

    Let’s chat soon. Miss you so much!!!!!! Thanks for being so wonderful.

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