Pirate Ship Park, and Mr. Finn doing the Work

Made it to 30 weeks!  I try to go through pregnancy as gracefully as possible- have a good attitude, take it day at time, be patience all those good things.  I am feeling it though, I found myself having to take deep breaths tonight. Oh man, if I feel like this now what state am I going to be in two months.  Ryan and I both tonight were like,  “Two months how much more popped out can I get?” I guess I have forgotten just how much!

These shots are from our evening walk that we took tonight. Every night we either walk next door to the Citrus Park or two blocks the other direction to as Finn says, ‘The Pirate Ship Park’. The mornings and evenings are our time outside. Even late tonight, it was toasty sweaty Hb!

We just follow the path outside our house and then the path just dips down under the road and the park is tucked away. It is a good lay out for our runner Cougar Jude. No close parking lots to run to. Finn loves to coast out of the tunnel. He coasts the whole way down but he keeps his feet close just in case. One time he got a little nervous and just swerved into the middle ravine and took a bad crash. Typically however when he coasts he’s taken to just riding with his feet like this.

  We have some news!

Our little Jude Everest has been taken off of the pacifier!!

You know me and the pacifier. It took a lot of gearing up, but Jude just doesn’t seem to be talking much when he has it. It’s only been two days, but those are the hardest ones. Well they were for Finn. When I put Jude down for the first time without it I explained to him why he didn’t have it. What a big boy he was, I was choking back a lot of emotion. It’s just, I never thought I’d see the end of pacifiers with these boys. I mean they’ve been around for years. Now, no more. I couldn’t help but cry that night in my bed. It just means he’s a big boy now I was in the grocery store picking him up some tylenol a few days ago- he had a random fever and I walked by the formula. I couldn’t help pause, it felt like I did formula forever when in all reality it was only.. 6 months ish. Funny how these really do come and go. 

Finn and painting. Wow, I feel like we are painting every day now. Posters, the air hog, coloring books. I’ve had to stock up on brushes. He’s really quite sweet. I paint with him and he says things like, “Wow! Pretty Mom.” He’s quite easy to impress. We took out the air hog for a spin tonight. He was really excited to show it off and have it photographed.

Finn does all the house work around the house with us: vacuuming, cooking with mom, using the rug doctor with Dad when he rents it. Last weekend it was lots of ‘mans work.’ Finn loved using the rug doctor with Dad.

Jude sure is coming along reading books, and look who wants to sleep up in the top bunk. I’ll have to get some bed rails!

3 responses

  1. Lots of good pictures. It’s nice to see that you’re getting Finn in the routine of helping out–that’s really good. My favorite picture is the one with you toting the air hog to the park–I like the image of mom “taking the stuff” to the park to hang out. Thanks for the post!

  2. Jude’s smile is SO cute!!!!!!! Hope the pacifier-free transition is still going well!!

    Love your belly picture! So cute. You really do the prego-thing well!! 🙂

    Love you guys. AND….a BIG CONGRATS to Ryan on his MBA!!!! Yaaaay!!!! So proud of all the wonderful things you guys are doing!!! Yay, Ryan!!

    • Jude has been doing great during the day, he’s started doing better at night. He would wake up in the middle of the night and want it. Rough few nights, I was up with him from 5am on the other morning, wouldn’t go back to sleep. Not looking forward to no sleep in a few months! Aye, aye, aye! Love and miss you guys!!

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