Fall Festivities

Fall doesn’t actually exist here in So Cal. The trees that do seem to have some change in color haven’t changed because of the seasons, the leaves have changed because it has been so hot here the leaves died. All the same, I find myself smiling inside when the boys get to kick around a few dead leaves at the park.

Today fall existed in So Cal. Oh Rogers Garden. I love you, I love you, I love you! I want to spend lots and lots of money at Rogers. That place, it’s magical anytime of the year but I especially love their fall/Halloween decor. We went and picked out two pumpkins for our porch. Finn knows ALL about pumpkins, halloween, he also seems to remember that it’s his birthday soon- he keeps talking about birthday cake and a party. He sure seems to have an uncanny memory for a toddler.

Jude is hanging in there without a pacifier. He’s definitely more vocal without it. Whine, whine, whine. He wants to be able to do everything that Finn does, and is really starting to throw these little mini tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. Poor Jude, he never stood a chance. We have master manipulator Mr Finn who has crafted and honed his tactics, Jude we can spot your method from a mile away. Drama queen that one.

What perfect timing! The day we kick off our fall festivities Grandma Cindy sent us these awesome festive PJ’s! Thanks Cindy. We loved all the goodies! The boys were ecstatic about their PJ’s. They’ll be wearing those all month. Check out our picks. I loved the sweet blue pumpkins, and the Cinderella one is always a favorite.

Bear with me here for a momes, the boys… so much emotion. Cracking me up. Finn was talking about his pumpkin so we let them bring their pumpkins in for the picture.

Been using manual pretty much exclusively on my camera still. Trying… tricky business It feels good when you finally capture the balance. The boys move so fast though. Hard to mess around with a bunch of options. I am starting to embrace that higher ISO inside. Even if it is grainy. I don’t want my pics to be so dark. 


4 responses

  1. Oh Heather….. I love fall too. The four seasons are just a number one requirement for me. Its why I would never live in Florida…. or so Cal I guess. Even in Alaska we had all the seasons: June July August and Winter. Ha! The boys are darling, and you look fabulous. Congrats to Ryan – one degree done and one to go. You guys are really knocking off the milestones.

  2. I love this post! I too am starting to get soo excited for Halloween. I’m so happy to see you guys have gotten your pumpkins before Oct 1!!!! I am just itching to get out to a pumpkin patch here and pick out a few pumpkins to add to the porch. AND to do some fall cooking – don’t you have some wonderful pumpkin recipes that you’ve blogged about? I’m trying to recall….

  3. We had some young women over tonight, and one works at Goodwill. Their staff dressed up yesterday–as they sell alot of Halloween costumes. I thought it was a bit early, but that just shows that I am not tracking Halloween as close as most people do. Looks like you had a nice trip to the pumpkin store–and are primed for the holiday!

    Ryan, congrats on officially getting your MBA–an investment that you’ll get returns on until you’re my age and beyond. You’ve worked hard and have both sacrificed alot–but have built a strong foundation for the future.

    I laughed when I saw the PJs—first time that I’ve seen them!

    Love you guys.

  4. The second-to-last photo is my favorite – so much energy! Who knows what was so funny, but Finn certainly loved it! Thanks for the blog post!

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