Sunday Night Beach Walk

We try to go to the beach every Sunday evening to watch the sunset, and it is usually amazing. I’m sure there are some blog viewers that are thinking “really, another post of beach photos?” Sorry if this is overdoing it. Sometimes we don’t even bring the camera. But when you get cute photos of your kids, you just want to share them with the grandparents, and if for nobody else, these posts are something of a scrapbook for us. What a beautiful world we have!

I’m sure this looks really silly, and that’s ok – Ryan called my name and told me to turn around and snapped this. Belly is getting big!

Little Jude Everest, practicing his downward dog yoga pose on the beach.

All that surging water was making Mr. Finn a little nervous, but he’s still going strong without diapers!

The boys got caught off guard tonight and they all got wet!

And then we said “Night, night, sailboat . . . Night, night sun, Night, night whales, Night, night beach . . . See you . . . morning light . . . beach!”

5 responses

  1. Great photos! Not overkill at all. These really capture the sense of beauty that is there. And years from now, when you may be living in Kansas City, you can look enjoy these photos and bring back the memories!

  2. Kansas City? What is dad thinking? This was one of my favorite posts ever, Heather. Sweet moments with the boys, and Heather looks beautiful pregnant. Seems like Jude is really changing so much lately, and Finn not so much. Great tradition going to the beach on a Sunday night. Relax and breathe that salt air before the busy week begins. Loved the last post too, especially Finn in the top bunk. He looks so small! Miss you all so much, Mom. Thanks for the posts!

  3. Just caught up on everything Heath! You look beautiful and adorable as always. So excited for the little guy to come. The boys are so dang cute. You are so lucky to have such amazing pictures. I hope you’re filling your wall with big 8×10’s like your parents did! That is my favorite thing ever, totally gonna copy that but I don’t have amazing photos like you guys! Love you, miss you.

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