Oak Glen Orchards & Claremont Visit

Since moving to California we’ve been hearing about the apple orchards in the Oak Glen area. About a 90 minute drive away. There is a strong Jewish representation at Southwestern, so he has all the Jewish holidays off including Yom Kippur this last week. We took the opportunity to enjoy the orchards on a week day because I’ve heard it can be quite busy on the weekend.

Even though we were at an apple orchard I was most excited about the prospect of picking raspberries. Well okay, I was most excited to eat the apple cider donuts. Okay, A-MAZING!

Apples taste sooo good in the fall. Jude would switch off between doughnut, and apple. When we picked raspberries Jude would run through the raspberries rows with apple in hand. He took a few face plants, mouth full of dirt, but that didn’t deter him from exploring or eating his apple, despite being covered in dirt.

Jude may have gone missing in the raspberry field for a minute or so, he’s so funny how he just wants to hide. We found him two rows over. Dad never got nervous. I ended up following Jude wherever he went. He had a lot of scratches on his legs and arms that night when we did the tub. It made him a little uncomfortable, other than that Jude was in heaven.

Here is our haul! Finn and I made a raspberry pie together with our goods, it’s amazing just how much better Cheri is at making a good pie crust than I am. It still tasted dece, but a little bit of a let down from the perfect flakiness that I’m used to with the love’s crust.

Goodbye Snowline! Finn liked the wooden man. He was excited to go say goodbye.

We were quite ambitious on our day off, lots of driving! The Drucker business school was just a 20 minute detour and I had never seen it. I figured this would be our best opportunity if we ever wanted to see where Ryan went to school. I can’t believe he was able to make that drive twice a day! It was only 45 minutes from our house, but the potential to sit in bad traffic was definitely there. I got to meet some of his classmates and teachers. It was rewarding knowing that he really is done and won’t have to go back again!

The Claremont campus is beautiful! The streets are lined with these huge old trees. The boys loved running around the business school.

The business school has such beautiful big windows! Below is the library.

I thought this tile mural outside the performing arts auditorium at the Claremont Colleges was pretty cool:

3 responses

  1. so funny…I just posted our apple orchard pictures too! there’s something so special about the apple orchard in the fall. magical. I just love it. I honestly was in heaven at the orchard….and the kids just love it!!! so fun running through the rows of fruit! your pictures are great. I laughed when I read your post (I looked through the pictures first and saw the picture of Jude with the messy face…and I was thinking, ‘oh wow!! he really got into that apple!!!!!’….but then I read your post…and it makes much more sense…rotate donuts…apples…donuts…apples! ha!). I’m not a donut person, but the apple donuts at our orchard were pretty delish too!

    I wish you lived closer so we could make these trips together. Can you imagine Adelie, Kennedi, Finn, and Jude in the orchard? Oh, they’d love it!

    And I’m so happy you got to go see his school. You’ll love having those family photos too. The boys probably loved seeing dad’s school! So great. Congrats, again, Ryan! So proud of you. Love you guys. xo.

  2. So great to see pictures of the school. I love the architecture, the bricks and stucco surrounded by the big trees. Very California! Ryan, you’re looking pretty handsome for a dad of 3!!! So proud of you with your MBA already, and so close to the JD!!! You are an inspiration. HB, the dress is soooo pretty on you! You make pregnancy look easy, and with those 2 wild boys we know it isn’t!

    That last pic of the two boys on the red couch made me laugh. How many nano-seconds did they stay still to get that shot before they took off running in two different directions? Ha! They look so funny! Just waiting to bolt and run! I can just imagine Jude in the raspberry rows, he loves an adventure!

    Wish you could see our Fall colors here! Golds, bright oranges, reds. The sumac is a bright pink and the woods around us look on fire when the sun streams through. So dry here. When the wind blows the skies are raining down leaves. Quite lovely. Miss you all!

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