November 30th. It’s in the books!

November 30th, baby boy #3 will be here. Had my first baby appointment in quite a long time today and got my C-section scheduled. Unfortunately the days during Thanksgiving break were all booked, and Ryan is in class the next week. Hopefully he stays in that long, technically it’s passed my due date. I  got what feels like a million other appointments scheduled. I have an ultra sound in two days, hopefully that will go well. Starting in two weeks they want me coming twice a week for the remainder of my pregnancy for monitoring. What I’m going to do with the boys, who knows! I can’t bring them to ultrasounds. Such a lame rule. Hopefully all precautionary. I have to go in because of my HCG levels. There is a little more to it…  I don’t want to give those struggs Kaiser peeps the satisfaction of making me feel scared. They are definitely alarmists.

We had a nice Sunday walk around the upper bend of Crystal Cove. We took the path and had a nice chat. Some days your heart just feels a little heavier. I was showing Cheri the pictures and he was like, “Oh- a lot on my mind!” That walk is always the highlight of our week.

We had some visitors this weekend which was so fun. Cory had caught a shark spear fishing and wanted to come cook it at our house. It was so fun visiting with him and another friend from BYU, Jakob.

They made tacos with all the fixings and the guys really loved it. Shark is a high mercury fish so I passed – prego. It also was twitching up until the moment it was going into the oven and I had made some lentil soup. I don’t know if it was the salt on the muscles but pieces of it were seriously  jumping. Crazy!

Finn always enjoys a little hummus with Cory when he comes to visit. So Cory had bought a bag of carrots and some hummus to eat with Mr. It was great catching up: the boys loved wrestling, jumping off the couch, all and all they were actually really behaved. Cory is used to kids but these other guys who knows! I didn’t want them getting too raw of a look!

The boys are doing great! Finn is getting better handling his frustration, Jude jabbers all day long. With no pacifier he’s really started using his mouth more.  Last night we were checking on the boys and Jude would talk in his sleep, just crazy Jude language and then 30 seconds later Finn would talk and jabber. It was like they were communicating in their sleep back and forth. Night time is always a highlight with the boys.

Ryan won’t be home until 11 tomorrow night. He has a JD/MBA dinner. Hopefully the trains run well. This morning Ryan’s train hit a paint truck and tonight it was 35 minutes late. That doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s a pain.

I’ll be sure to post at least a comment on how my ultrasounds goes Thursday. Bowel still clear, size, etc – even if it doesn’t go great I’ll put something up so you can check back fam.

7 responses

  1. Yikes! Shark!!!! 🙂

    I’m excited for Friday, November 30th!!!! Cant wait! Praying for a healthy little boy!

    Thinking about you guys a lot today. Hoping for a positive ultrasound tomorrow. Love you guys!!

  2. That is the very best day in the entire year to have a baby! It’s my birthday too! I can’t wait to meet my little birthday buddy.

  3. Shark!? I complain when dad opens a can of tuna! Yuck. Hope the aroma didn’t stick around. November 30th is a great day! So excited to meet this little guy! Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Let us know how it goes. We love you! Mom M.

  4. I’ll be thinking about you Heather!! I’m sure I can help with the boys when you have your ultrasound, let’s be in touch 🙂 Love your posts.

  5. Goodness! I’m dying to know how the ultrasound went. You guys are in our prayers every night – especially that little babe of yours. Love you all and miss you.

  6. Sorry for the delay in posts – our internet has been down for the last week. Everything is great here. The weather has cooled and the baby is doing just fine! Hoping to get the internet back soon so I can post some pictures of some fun adventures we’ve been on.

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