Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

Long lost viewers! Hello! Thanks for continuing to try and check up on us, sorry so static! Our apartment complex had an 8-hour power outage last week and we haven’t been able to get our Internet back since then. Major web withdrawals, ugh! I am an Internet addict, it’s official – I’m so behind on e-mails. All you wonderful friends! If you sent me an e-mail and I haven’t responded- now you know. So I’m publishing this here from a free wifi spot a few blocks away from our house. I hate not being able to feel connected.

The weather has dropped back down to the 70’s. Words can’t describe just how much happier I am! I can actually go outside, and feel good outside. I struggle in the heat, I was pretty miserable outside if it was over 90.We have an annual pass to the Irvine Regional Park, it’s only good for the calendar year so we have been there all the time. I took my camera yesterday on our outing and tried to document a bit. It’s gorgeous up there right now. Finn has started calling it ‘Peacock Park’. We go up and feed and the ducks and chase the peacocks. Yesterday was a treat because we went through the pumpkin patch. So fun! If you live close by, call me! 7148380305 we will go ANYTIME! The boys love it, and going in is free! You don’t actually have to buy a pumpkin if you’ve already bought a bunch. They have a ton of activities

Quick update on pregnancy stuff since I mentioned it in my last post, had my first ultrasound since I was 22 weeks. 33 weeks now. Baby is 4 pounds, can’t begin to express how happy I felt. The specialist who worked with me earlier did it. She is intimidating, not very soft. But definitely capable, just very matter of fact.  She looked at everything and said things look great so I feel very good. This woman is the one -to put it bluntly- is the one that looked at me straight faced and very flatly told me that the baby probably had Downs Syndrome. So her telling me that the bowel was functioning and baby was good size it felt like coming full circle. I start going in next week twice a week for an hour appointment for stress monitoring as well as an ultra sound for fluid. Why, the monitoring? Well… they think I’m at risk for having a stillborn. Now you’re all up to date. I feel good. I am really excited for him to join our family. I’m almost there.

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  1. Hi darling Heather,
    It’s auntie Eileen here. I have never been able to see your blog and Teddy was here and left it on my computer and now I pull it up and just love to see you and your beautiful family. I absolutely love the pumpkins, the ocean, the photography, your boys faces, and your love for it all just shines through your beautiful face. I am so proud of all that you and Ryan have done. Karen and I are coming down to see Carl and Jan for their birthdays on Nov. 1-3 I don’t know how far away Oceanside is from you, but it would be so fun to see you.
    I love you sweet girl, and no matter what happens, everything will be great. I haven’t seen Paul for a long time, I miss him. Tanner came over one day to our house after golfing in Midway with his mission president. I adore him, and he brought me up to date on Austin and Mason.
    Take care of yourself beautiful girl.
    Love you, Eileen

    • Aunt Eileen! So great to hear from you. Im so glad you can follow us now on the blog. I haven’t seen my parents in a while but there are usually updates on here how they are too. We haven’t been able to get back to see them this fall yet. It would be so fun to see you guys, oh what a treat that would be for me! We are actually flying to Utah for a quick trip on the 31st till the 3rd we just miss you! Such bad luck. If we were here I would definitately come see you guys! Keep up all those facebook posts! I am so jealous of your beautiful garden! It seems like the Tate’s are doing fantastic! Love you guys!

  2. Heath – hang in there!! Wish I were there to take the boys for you on ultrasound days, will keep keepin you guys in our prayers. Your pictures are really coming along! They look incredible. Loved that one of Jude with his hand on his face and the one of both the boys climbing on the tree – would look so good BW blown up! Hope all is well, love you guys!

  3. Glad to hear an update. I am sure that is stressful, but you’re so positive and optimistic about everything. We will keep you and the baby in our prayers. We are so excited to meet the little guy. We love you two. The pumpkin patch looks great. The boys smiles are so sweet.

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