Jude Everest: Ocean Explorer

I know, looks like he’s about to go over. He didn’t.

Finn got a little chilly in the breeze, so he got mom’s shirt!

Not much explanation needed here – Jude loves to swim! When we get the internet back at our apartment, Heather will have to give some narrative – Jude really had an epic night at the beach. He sucks the marrow out of life for sure!

After taking off Jude’s wet clothes for the walk back to the car, he insisted on being put down. I’m pretty sure Jude thought this was the highlight of his life so far – he was shrieking with joy! It only took him a moment to book it for the water. ‘Stink-eye Jude’ sure has come a long way!

Hope to see some friends or family from out of town (or in-town friends) join us soon on our weekly Sunday evening walk!

4 responses

  1. Amazing quality on these photos! Looks like Jude is appreciating the “clothing optional” beach! He looks fearless climbing on those rocks; jeez, wonder where he gets that from? Finn looks like he’s a good little runner–great to see him so active on the beach! It looks like the trip to the fire department was really worth the trip–fun and educational. Thanks for the posts! dad m

  2. I always enjoy pictures of the Kids running on the beach with you and Ryan. I miss you all and looking for the Halloween! We have the count down for Baby #3…..So exciting.

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