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  1. Cheri! Thanks for uploading these! I compressed these pics last night and Ryan posted them for me at school. Hate not having the Internet. Luckily we can still sometimes pull stuff up on the iPad. It just takes 10 minutes! The fire department had their annual open house on Saturday and it was such a big hit with the boys. They had all these little mini fire demonstrations and lots of trucks to tour, they even were giving rides! The big highlight for the boys was definitely smokey bear! After seeing Smokey and the Dalmatian we were getting ready to go, loading Finn into the stroller and in the course of five seconds Jude ran away! We couldnt see him and someone next to us said, ‘He went that way!’ Jude had ran all the way back to Smokey Bear and was giving him a big hug. We could barely pull him away! Too funny!! I’ll never forget that, Smokey bear!

  2. So great!!! I bet the boys just loved this. Ok…Jude running back to give Smoky Bear a hug is hilarious!!!!!! I love that little guy! Too funny.

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