Pony Rides!

So the heat has returned! Still no wireless in our apartment, so I’m hitting up the free wifi in the McD’s –McDonalds- parking lot a few blocks from our house. The boys and I are ‘out of shape’ as I call it – when it comes to staying inside- so we’ve been going on a lot of outings lately.  Every day Finn has a different request about where he wants to go. His favorite requests are the pumpkin patch and the library. I figure the pumpkins will only be around for another few weeks so why not. We had our friend Jamie and her daughter Bailey come along. The boys were happy, happy! We rode the train, the boys rode Ginger, the new pony at the Regional Park, and we toured through some of the big kid areas at the pumpkin patch that we hadn’t explored yet, like the saloon and hay maze. It’s a great place to hit up during the week.

Getting and feeling big! I have started an intense ritual of coconut oil after my showers and tubs. If I have six more weeks of this, I have got to get a little more stretch happening! My stomach has started to sting badly, not enough room!

For some reason it takes forever to load any photos right now. I think it’s actually the wordpress site, I have a great connection. I’m not going to put too many pics up here, sorry peeps!

A few random tid bits: all the boys in the house are sick! Wow it came on fast. Hopefully it means it will leave fast too. Just bad colds: chest congestion, runny nose, and cough- Ryan has it the worst. He couldn’t go to school today he was so sick. I think we have gone through three roles of toilet paper in two days with all three of them being sick. Go prego immune system, all good so far!

As you know I have a million pregnancy appointments, and somehow we are managing. So many wonderful people around us have just stepped up and took my kids early in the morning, I am so grateful. I have another appointment tomorrow, monitoring and ultrasound. So far baby is still looking good, hooray!

I have to give a quick shout out to Grandpa Petes. He has his Iron Man on Saturday in North Carolina. Grandma Cindy is over there with him and apparently it’s quite beautiful right now. He’s been training so much, he is incredibly precise with his training. He wants to be there feeling well prepared regardless of how great he does. Although I think he’ll kill it!  I think this will be much better conditions than that incredibly hot weather you had at the Vine Man! Good luck Petes, you’ll do great!

It seems like October has had big things in store for just about everyone! Leanna, Ryan’s sister, just completed what I think is her sixth… (that’s a guess but I think pretty close) marathon. Any excuse to sneak in a picture or two of my nieces I just have to take. Love these girls. Way to go Lelers.

Look at these cute tee-shirts the girls wore!

Cheri! If you are home checking the blog the Range has died! I didn’t even have the car on. I occasional would turn the key just a little bit to turn the air on. Drenched with sweat it’s still so hot outside. I am stranded. So if someone reads this… call my house for me would you! 7148380305. I don’t have a cell 🙂 Love you blog viewers! Stranded at the McDonald’s!

5 responses

  1. Alright, made it home! STRUGGS HB! The car was jumped quickly, boys sound asleep in their beds. Looking forward to being able to blog from the comfort of my bed again! Love you guys!

  2. Heather!!!!! The end of this post is TOO FUNNY!!!!!! Stranded at McD’s!!!!! Hope you weren’t there too long! You make me laugh!!!

    Thanks for the marathon shout-out! What a great experience! I could not have been happier! Hope we can run one together someday…once our kids are a little older! 🙂 We are all so excited for grandpa!! Hope he does great.

    Love the pictures – as always. Hope everyone is feeling better!! Hope the ultrasound/monitoring goes well – I’m sure it will!

    Love you guys!

  3. Monitoring went great!!! You guys baby looks so good. I am so happy, little cruiser. I feel really good about things. Everything is going to be okay, 34 weeks chasing the boys at the park in the 90 degree weather does not feel good. The boys are happy though! So I am too.

  4. Thanks for shout-out Heather! Eleven hours until the craziness begins! Getting just a wee bit nervous. Enjoy the weekend. Go Cougars!

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