A little Halloween teaser!

One more week until HALLOWEEN!

I couldn’t resist throwing up a little teaser, here is our chicken Mr Finn and Jude the billy goat! They are so excited for Halloween. SO EXCITED! Jude had just woken up from his nap and Finn kept yelling excitedly in his face, Jude wasn’t handling it all so well. It’s not even their whole costumes, but I couldn’t help it. I wanted to show you guys so bad. Ah! LOVE Halloween!

*Guess who is blogging from the comfort of my bed?! haha! No I’ not in the McDonald’s parking lot tonight peeps.  Internet is back!

You know the HB, I  always keep the camera in my diaper bag ready to go. After a long day with the boys we went to feed ducks together. Being in front of the camera was not the plan. While snapping a picture of Cougar running into the peacock den someone walked by and asked if we wanted one of the four of us. What the heck, let’s document the moment. Here is 36 week prego Hb with the fam.

I’m going to crank some of these last pics out. Last side note: My favorite shot – JUDE fearless JUDE! Taking off into the peacock den. Coming over and over again may not be to the peacocks advantage. Jude’s weariness of following them into their little home has worn off. We were calling the peacocks ‘Kevin’ like the bird in UP. Too, too funny.

6 responses

  1. Oh, the boys costumes are Amazing..so cute! I can’t get over how Darling. SO SO EXCITED. LOVE to you see you in couple days

  2. Heath you are amazing – still going strong at 36 weeks! And i loved the costumes – the billy goat is especially hilarious! Sure miss you guys!

  3. I love the little chicken & billy goat!! Those are awesome costumes!!!!! I bet they’re even cuter in person. Heather, you look great!! Hope you’re feeling good too. Oh, and the peacock photos are too funny!!! Fearless little Jude. Love that little guy…and love you guys!


    You are so loved (by everyone, of course….but especially by auntie Lelers and Adelie & Kennedi & Uncle Nate!!!).

    We hope you have the BEST 3rd birthday!!!!!!!


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