A Moonlit Crystal Cove

Yesterday was a full moon, which really brought the locals out to the beach. The tide was really low; it was incredibly beautiful, one of my favorite trips to the beach so far even with a few people there.  Finn and Jude both loved scaling the rocks. My goodness, they definitely don’t need any encouragement from their parents. They are quite the adventurous duo!
I have quite a few photos so I am going to get cranking. I have a few other posts to put up as well. Today was Finn’s birthday, our real celebration we have saved for Grandma Gigi’s house but we did d0 cupcakes!

I’m getting better on manual. Better in the sense that I can quickly adjust, it was hard to even want to shoot on manual especially outside in the evenings because the light was always changing and I would have to constantly readjust but I am getting better and it’s not as much adjusting as I thought. It’s nice being able to have the option, sometimes auto is just so struggs.

You know you’re having a lot of fun when you stay at the beach long after the sun has set! Watching Ryan play with Jude from afar was so fun. Glad I was able to snap this, Jude was laughing really hard.

I’m sure this is all so cheesy. Life can be so stressful sometimes, it feels good to laugh. Ryan is a great sport, he always has to carry the boys all the way back up the car. It looks a little something like this. Even with him carrying both the boys, I’m is still trailing two or three steps behind panting! Pregs HB=Struggs!

4 responses

  1. Wow! Amazing! What a great place to be poor! Love you guys!!
    Not a bad place to be at the end of October—same day as Sandy hits the East Coast! What a contrast!

  2. These are some of the best pictures of Jude that I can recall–at least in one set. Very nice. Somebody is also getting really skillful with the camera!

  3. Last week Finn was cold at the beach. It was too warm for a sweater this week, but Finn remembered being cold and insisted on putting his sweater on in the car and didn’t want to take it off the whole time. He even brought out his favorite phrase as of late: “I think this is gonna be sweet!” We have a fun tradition of saying goodnight to everything we can think of on our way back to the car – “goodnight, beach; goodnight, whales; goodnight, sharks,” etc., etc. Such a blast.

  4. Heather, those photos are incredible! Jude rock climbing, and Ryan jumping him on the beach are two of my favorites. Such a special night. Love the shot of Jude flying, with the full moon looking on! Wow, HB you’re snapping good ones! Looking beautiful Heather! So glad you take them to the beach… Priceless experience! Mom

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