Phase 1 of Halloween!

Well Phase 1 of Halloween is complete – the ward ‘Trunk or Treat’ and Carving Pumpkins! Finn was ready, SO ready. Jude was even ready, he was so excited he went out to the porch and brought Dad his shoes so we could leave quicker. I pulled out the goat costume and Jude immediately started making goat sounds. Finn on the way over to the ward building said, “I think this is going to be sweet!” He didn’t even try to take off his hat, he wanted to wear it the whole night.

While at the party it was fun to watch Finn respond to onlookers who would say “Oh, he’s a chicken!” Finn would stop turn and look for the observer. He has been saying the funniest things lately. I am always laughing, it’s so much fun. Finn was a little tentative about everything going on. We started out with the ward chili cook off, where HB had her first hot dog in at least 3 years if not longer than that and it definitely made an impression. See you in another five years!, the trunk or treating began and Finn really came into stride. Pulling out a perfect, “Trick or Treat” at every trunk. Finn even won a prize for best kids costume! He won a box of Mike and Ike’s and he had no problem posing for the camera when they came by. I was dying, sometime I have to ask myself is this cute to anyone else or is it just me because I am the mom. No, it was definitely fun for everyone. Finn is really social with everyone in the ward, they enjoy talking to him.


Jude …. Well, there was running involved, lots of running. He absolutely loved the smoke machines, goodness. Jude was great taking the candy, not the best communication beyond snatching the goods.

Tonight we carved pumpkins and sang the Happy Birthday song to Finn many many times. He kept asking for it ‘again!’. He loves his pumpkin that he made with Dad. He insisted on having the pumpkin sleep in the house, he wants the pumpkin ‘to watch him sleep.’  I made sure to put the stools up tonight so Finn wouldn’t get into too much mischief with the pumpkin.

3 responses

  1. Loved this post! I laughed just thinking about Jude the billy goat and Finn the chicken, so wish we could be there to celebrate Halloween and birthdays and fun times. Love and miss you guys – Heath, you look great!

  2. Great post, and I love the costumes! Glad you introduced the boys to the slippery, smelly, but fun experience of carving pumpkins! Heather, really???? A hot dog? What in the world possessed you?

    • Now that is the big question! Man, we had to go late to church the next day. Goodness I was in rough shape! Ryan was looking at me like…’What?’ strange prego moment. I can’t fathom the day when I eat a hamburger but in another few years I’m sure the hot dog will be making another impression.

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