Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween lived up to all my expectations and more. I could cry I’m so happy. It was gorgeous here today, love the fall leaves. Finn had an amazing birthday celebration and trick or treating was fantastic. My mom, the incredible creature that she is, had the most amazing set up for the festivities.

We had a ‘Cars’ themed party. Everything from the balloons to the plates were decorated for Cars. Mr Finn loves that movie, he got a toy plane from the Car’s movie that he’s been carrying all over the house since we got here. Jude is truly obsessed with cars so it was hard getting him out of the dining room! Halloween is always a blast with all our family friends coming and going. My dear friend Haley dropped by, and Tanner’s friends hung out. To save some of the fun we are going to enjoy cake tonight. I don’t think Finn could handle anymore excitement!

Gigi’s rats were a hit! The boys loved helping light the lanterns. Every year my mom puts pumpkin candles in her lanterns and the whole walk way smells incredible.

So many pictures! Aye , aye, aye! Sorry if this is just way too much. I’ve gotten a taste of what my camera can do, and now just documenting moments have become so much more complicated because I find myself having to work on manual because my auto shots frustrate me, and I am not artistic. Steerug, eventually we get there.

Ryan and I both have been a little teary reliving and talking about our big boy Mr Finn, three years old!

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  1. Moms deserve an occasional day of joy! Sounds like yesterday was one of those. We’re happy for you and everyone else that enjoyed the festivities!

    • Wish I could be a kid again and visit Gigi’s house! No wonder Finn talks about it in his sleep!!! What a fun party! You really have a special talent for decorating, so warm and inviting-looking! I can almost smell the pumpkin candles way out here. Happy Halloween, and a great birthday celebration too!

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