Getting our fill of fall!

We leave Utah today, we’ve loved driving around the valley enjoying all the bright colors. I wasn’t expecting the colors to still be on the trees! HEAVEN!!!!! HB has been a happy, happy girl! 

Finn and Mason have been GLUED to the hip. When Mason gets back from school or tennis Finn would just yell with excitement. They are always cuddling on the couch or playing in the gym together. I feel really good about having Finn and Jude come stay with my parents for a little bit when the baby comes. They just love being at Gigi’s.

The boys have loved jumping on the tramp. The back yard is just gorgeous. I love warm fall days. The crisp air was so refreshing. I’ve been wearing jeans! Hooray pants!

We walked along the river in Riverwoods and the boys loved throwing rocks!

Loved feeding the ducks in Sugar House park after watching Mason’s tennis match. Gigi and Poppy drove us through some neighborhoods that they could really see us living in, ‘hint’ ‘hint’ haha. Won’t be moving to Utah, but incredibly tempting during these beautiful fall months!

Ryan is THE BEST to sacrifice a few days of school to come out with me and the boys. He was able to get some studying done, but we’ll have a crazy next month before baby comes.

Being outside has been so good for the soul! Ryan got to enjoy a few mountain runs, incredible what a change the altitude is on the body.

2 responses

  1. Glad to see what a wonderful trip you’ve had and what beautiful Fall weather! The boys look so happy, and Heather the mountain air, and extra loving from mom and dad, look good on you! Mason is a stud, as always! So glad you had the time together! Travel safely!

  2. I love all these fall photos! Everyone looks so relaxed. I’m so happy you had such a nice trip!!

    The boys’ costumes were the cutest!!!!!!! I miss each of you so much!

    Can’t believe it’s baby-month already!!!!! Just a few more weeks! Heather, you still look so great. The picture of you with the boys is my favorite! You make 9months-pregnant-with-two-boys look easy….and you’re so adorable!

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