The last 24-hours

Between Ryan and I we’ve had quite the last 24 hours.

Ryan’s eventful night: Ryan stayed late at school yesterday. When he stays late he usually takes the last train home which leaves at 10:10 and arrives in Orange County an hour later putting him home at 11:30. Late night, but he always gets a lot done and sometimes you just need to crank out some late nights before finals. Well there was construction going on in Union Station and it delayed some of the trains.  He has to go one short stop from the law school to Union Station where he catches the Amtrak. Despite the construction the metro finally took off, he was cutting it close, but he was still two minutes early from departure time, these trains are like clockwork. They operate on the dot. Well he got to his stop and what does he see? The last train leaving LA 2 minutes early, there were a few other people there in Ryan’s same predicament. “WHAT!? ‘The train left?! Early?!” Shoot, 10 o’clock at night and he’s missed the last train. So, how did he get home last night? THE BUS. He had to sit in Union Station for THREE hours. There is a 12:55 am BUS to Santa Ana where the car was. He borrowed someone’s phone and gave me a heads up that he wouldn’t be home until after 2 am. Well, Union Station at 1 am wasn’t pleasant. The bus was 30 minutes late. I asked him what Union Station was like that late, and as you can imagine there were quite a few mentally deranged people hanging around. He said it was all a bit crazy. He told me later that my own personal fear of buses  has leaked into his mind – I am haunted about a story I read on CNN about a guy being stabbed to death on a Greyhound bus in Canada. To be honest I haven’t checked much since. Too many disturbing stories catch my eye! Ryan didn’t even close his eyes on the bus, he kept thinking about my horror story! When he finally arrived in Santa Ana at 2:30 he had to take a taxi home because the car was locked in the garage. Ryan shared a taxi with someone which unfortunately turned out to be a bad idea because the driver got lost in Costa Mesa and Ryan had to walk the last few blocks because he didn’t have enough money on him to pay the driver! 3 am he made it home. I dropped him off at the train this morning at 7:20! So he is exhausted! Fast forwarding to tonight…

Hb’s eventful evening:  Well a few minutes after Ryan got home at 5:00 I headed out the door to labor and delivery because I thought my water broke earlier this afternoon. Turned out to be a false alarm, I’m home now, feeling a bit sheepish! After feeling a large wet spot on the back of my skirt, I had that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that it could be amniotic fluid. Then I got extremely nauseous and  feverish. The baby definitely dropped today! Goodness I could barely walk around the house. When the nurse checked me in I actually showed a few contractions on the monitors and I was completely flushed. I think the nurse really thought I might be in labor. Nothing regular unfortunately, I’m glad I went in. Didn’t turn out to be amniotic fluid. Poor Ryan, he was so exhausted running on zero sleep! He did a great job holding down the fort. I guess I’m really starting to get to the end because I am not comfortable. Lots of these small contractions, bones are starting to move! Sorry for the false alarm Gigi and Grandma Cindy. After an hour or two of feeling like I could be leaking I wanted some opions, do I go do I not go…. Of course after that there is no turning back, I had to get it checked out! My mom, sweet thing, was totally ready to hop on a plane. I have to admit laying hooked up in labor delivery, I did not feel  good! So flushed! I am quite exhausted myself. I was up worried about Ryan getting home safely, maybe that is adding to these feelings. Always an adventure in the Miller house!


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