Funny Bird Finn

I have got to get some more video of Finn talking. What a fun age! Can I just freeze him right now? This morning the boys came with me to my monitoring appointment – which have been going great – and Finn was singing a song on the radio with me. It was too funny, all of the sudden I hear, “Shake that!” He’s very excited for the baby to come and ‘sit right next to him!’ I already installed the car seat, so Finn sees it every time – empty. Finn is going to love the new baby, Jude is going to feel very much the opposite I believe – who knows he may surprise me. Jude always does. He will definitely be de-throned as the ‘baby’ though, and that probably won’t go over too well.

Here are a few pictures that hadn’t quite made it up on the blog from Finn’s birthday and our last day in UT.

After getting some pictures with Gigi, Ryan sat down next to him but the cake quickly caught on fire. You may be able to tell a little in this pic. This was the beginning stage, but right after I snapped this the cake was in full burn mode!

Jude wanted to be in Gigi’s car every second while we were in Utah! When he we would see the garage door open he would bee-line it out. He would scream and throw the biggest tantrum I’ve seen from him if we couldn’t go for a ride!

I can’t believe there is so much snow in UT already! I am having quite a lot of contractions already. I am guessing that this little guy is not going to make it to the 30th! Chasing the boys around the house all day seems to be adding to my progress I think. This morning while I was at my monitoring appointment I was having contractions and when I got home I got a call from radiology saying the doctor wanted me to come in to a do a full growth ultra sound. I’m excited to see if the lungs developed right and see how big he is now.  – – I’ll let you know!

On our last day Ryan played doubles tennis with Toppy and my brothers, old people vs young, and they actually held their own quite well! Go Toppy!

Re-entry has actually not been too bad. I feel like I’m getting ready for some huge natural disaster. Our fridge and ccupboards are packed. I have food the boys like, Ryan likes, and my favorites all in preparation for the D-Day, (Due date). This is a little embarrassing, not an organized fridge but Ryan snapped this while getting dinner for himself. Mr Finn I guess wanted his plane to be cold! Too funny! He really does insist sometimes on putting his toys in the fridge.

2 responses

  1. Gotta wonder how those 3 year olds think–putting the plane in the fridge! Makes for a good story! Glad to see that Finn made it in and out of Utah without cutting his hair again!

    You’re getting so close! Glad the refrigerator is stocked!

  2. Oh My! Those boys—Jude and Giggi’s car; Mr Finn and the jet in the fridge! Treasures! Made our night!
    The one thing you missed was how amazing your husband was on the tennis court! We actually won a set because of him!!!
    Perfect day!!!!

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