Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Is it just me or does it seem like October went by so slow but November has flown by!Even though we are…. drum roll – 4 days away from having a baby! I wanted a big meal! Yes! 4 days, we have moved my C-section date. So much pain! I just could not make it another week. Monday, 1pm. So excited!

The meal turned out great! Tonight after cleaning up Finn was really distraught when Dad tried to throw the turkey carcass away. Ryan let him do some post- carving turkey carving. Last year after our meal we went and walked on the beach after and we loved it so we carried on the tradition along with a quick stop to say hi to the Grandparents. Good day!

The weather was beautiful today! I have actually been feeling pretty good, the dinner and walking on the beach has done me in. Poor Ryan had to manage the kids alone tonight. I couldn’t move!

Heather is asleep now, but I thought I would put up a photo of the blanket she finished last week – lots of hours, but what an accomplishment!

We had a great visit with Cory last week – thanks for making the drive to see us!

And finally, a shot from last night, featuring the newly painted dresser. It’s not nearly as neon as it looks in the photo.

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  1. Once again, a ton of timeless pictures! Delicious looking meal. Lots of fun at the beach. I am guessing that this will be the last post in awhile. We’re all thinking of you, Heather. You’ll do great–as always!


  2. What a perfect day! We missed you guys!! You all look fabulous! Gorgeous photos. Dresser classic ! Can’t wait for XYZ. Can’t wait to see you on Monday and bring back out pals!!!! Tanner and Mason are so excited !!!!!

  3. 1. prayers and best wishes for a great delivery
    2. most of us have three of four great photos of our kids – you have 10,000 framable masterpieces. Well done.
    3. love love love the photo of Ryan carrying the boys by the seat of their pants!
    4. love love love the blanket. Well done Heather. That will be so fun to wrap????? up in.
    5. onward and upward Millers…….. it sure is fun to watch your progress

    • Thanks Aunti K! Love you! We both loved your comment, that makes me feel so good. Yeah I’m going to use the blanket to wrap him up. I had just cast off… man I thought I was going to have a heart attack after working on it for so long. haha! Got my ends all weaved in, now Ryan is plotting out my next project. A few rows has done wonders for my nerves 😉 Love you!! ah! 3 more days and baby will be here! You know us, we’ll be posting in the hospital within a few hours of the baby being born!

  4. Hi Heather,
    Looking at your photos of family just makes me feel so happy. I love that you are out enjoying life to its fullest. The little boys are so lucky to have you and Ryan as parents. I loved the boys upside down too! Good luck with your delivery, I was so hoping for a same birthday as dad and grandpa Brockbank. Your blanket is amazing! I have no idea how you found the time to do that, I am so proud of you and all you are doing as a mother and wife. You are such a beautiful girl, love you tons.
    auntie Eileen

    • Thanks Eileen! Well we will see it’s possible- last night I thought for sure I was in labor. Jude + Beach= LOTS of running! Luckily Ryan did 98% of the chasing. I didn’t realize just how cooped up the boys had been until we got there. They ran around the entire time. It could happen tomorrow! Ina lot of pain! Moving around is not easy, haha! He may just come early. Ryan keeps telling me to just lay down.

  5. Cannot wait for this little baby!!! Good luck Heath, I wish I was there to help. Geez, a c section without kids put me in! Love your thanksgiving pics, looks delish! Priceless photos of Ryan throwing Jude! And that dresser, looks professional! So fantastic guys! Oh and the blanket too, you’re amazing. Love you guys!!!

  6. What a great post – probably the last before little man makes his delivery. What a good note to end this chapter of just the four of you. Things are about to change and expand, with so much love in your family this little guys is so lucky. AMAZing pictures Heather, really truly incredible. We will be waiting for news. Love you all much.

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