Royal is home from the hospital!

Hb here,  back from the hospital and doing great! Royal is four days old already! The milk has come in, and Royal’s bowels are in full force already – that didn’t take long! I’m not sure if Ryan mentioned this in our last post but he actually went within a minute of coming out of the womb. I heard all this commotion, shrieks of surprise. I was like, “Love, what’s going on?” He’s like, “He’s fine, it’s fine he just… he just, well he’s pooping everywhere!”  There goes all those worries of intestines having trouble! His bowels have been the best out of all the boys as babies!


Ryan’s mom came into town Wednesday morning and having her here has been amazing! Wow, the transition from sleeping through the night to not is ROUGH. Wowzers! Four days in and going without sleep feels much easier, but that first night or two was painful. When the boys come back from Gigi’s house and I’m unable to nap during the day it’s going to be killer! God give me strength when it’s time for that!

The boys are  having a blast at Gigi’s house. An update on them after the weekend. I have some funny pictures to share from my dad. I will tell you that Finn has been quite agreeable and Jude…  Toppy said it best: “Sweetheart Jude is doing a great job at exhausting the entire family. ”


IMG_3578We’ve been getting all ready for Christmas here! We decorated our small trees and listened to Amy Grant Christmas. Grandma Cindy has been keeping my apartment all nice and clean. She’s really helped us kick off the holiday season! Thank you Cindy!! Great night! Talking to Mr Finn tonight made my heart ache, missing them terribly but savoring this one on one time with Royal. Love you Gigi and Toppy!



Love this pic (below), snuggling with Ryan after class! Can’t believe he’s here! To think if they wouldn’t have taken me early he wouldn’t have been delivered until today! He would have been over 9 lbs.


Here are a few pictures of Royal. Sorry so many of them are dark. I have been sleeping so much during the day that I have been snagging the camera at night. I didn’t get to write my thoughts about everything yet, but I just have to say this, ‘Can YOU BELIEVE IT?! I had an 8 lb 9 oz baby!’ I knew he was ready to come out, but almost 9 lbs! Oh yeah baby, oh yeah. I’ve always wanted a big baby! It just surprised me so much because with both Finn and Jude I went over my due date and they were 7 lbs 14 oz. Not to mention he was only in the 10th percentile of weight half way through my pregnancy. He has just barely started to open his eyes, tired little guy! He had kept them closed so much over the last three days.




IMG_3587My heart could burst I am so incredibly happy. You calibrate your expectations for things to be so hard. But you forget how amazing it is to meet them for the first time. I had a great surgery, two female doctors – so fantastic! I think I’m going to bounce back well.

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  1. He is sooooo cute. I can’t wait to meet him! He looks so snuggly, and his plump little cheeks are so adorable! That’s nice that you can focus on just Royal for a few days, but I’m sure it’s hard without the boys! Love you!

  2. He is darling! I love the pictures with his eyes open!!! So sweet. Makes me want a newborn now!!!! Such a special time for you guys. The picture of Ryan with Royal on his lap is adorable!! Hope you’re getting some better sleep at night.

  3. Wow Millers! That Royal James Miller I, has a magnificent head! A magnificent head! He is a gorgeous baby! Gorgeous! Looking better each day! You two make amazing babies……a little too fast but absolutely amazing babies!

    No problem though….the pace of the baby making means Gigi, Cindy, Peter and I get to spend a lot more time with them! Yay!

    Cannot even begin to express how wonderful it is to have the two “big” boys here with us! So so so fantastic!

    We are going to have a hard time when they go home in two weeks!!! We won’t talk Dubai!!!!

    Love you guys!

    Keep up the hard work Ry, you have a short two weeks! Keep it up!!

  4. HB, Royal is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome!!!
    Amen to the hurrah for big babies… I love ’em chunky, squishy, snuggly… and then you never really worry about whether they’re getting enough to eat or not!
    Hope we get to meet Jude and Royal some day sooner than later!

  5. I can’t believe how alert he is! We didn’t see Redd’s eyes for more than 10 seconds for almost a month. He is SO CUTE Heather, I just wish I could hold him and squish him in his little striped hoodie. CUTEST.

  6. Oh, Heather!! You guys have done it again! He’s so, SO handsome! He looks so wise. Just beautiful, all the way around. Congratulations, again! Your parents are AMAZING for taking Finn and Jude! I bet that is so nice to recover without so many little helpers. You’re amazing! Congratulations, again!! Xoxo

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