Mr Finn and Jude’s Big Utah Adventure!

While I have been home bonding with Royal, my parents have had Finn and Jude at their house in Utah. I knew it was going to be great to be able to have this time to recover but WOW! You forget what the body goes through, OUCH! I have needed this time SO bad. Every day I feel leaps and bounds better, I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself.  My dad has been so great to send us some iphone shots and the occasional movie of the boys. We have LOVED getting these, so for our archives and your enjoyment as well. Mr Finn and Jude with their grandparents this week. Enjoy –

-11This has to be one of my favorites. Those boys look like twins. This cracks me up. Finn holding his hand! This was after church today.

Family -watch these two videos. I was hysterical. Miss our boys! Thanks Toppy!

Here is part two to this video:


Love you, love you, love you! Made my day!


My parents have been making a lot of one on one time for Jude. They do separate story time and bath time. Toppy has been tackling Cougar Jude and it sounds like they’ve really bonded!


Those boys look up to you so much Uncle Mason. Thanks for taking such good care of them. I know it’s hard work. Love you!


Finn will always say when trying to go to the bathroom, “Not Yet Toppy! Not Yet!”

-5Jude  preparing ‘for battle’. Flying with Jude is TOUGH! Great job Toppy and Gigi, that may as well have been a rite of passage.

-1-3The boys LOVE the gym. They spend hours down there.


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  1. So, beyond the “party” time for the boys…what a great blessing to be able to settle in with Royal (and finals), whiile the boys are well cared for in Utah. Thanks Brockbanks!

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