Royal James, One Week Old

Grandma Cindy departed this morning, so sad to see her go. Cindy was in full nurse mode this week – I feel bad I’m sure she went back totally exhausted. What a blessing to have your mother-in-law come and pamper you for five days after child birth! We had a fun time! Watching one of the Hallmark movies as we speak, Grandma Cindy. Ryan is a happy boy studying on a full stomach thanks to our well stocked fridge. Thank you for your amazing generosity. Thank you, thank you!

-1IMG_3666IMG_3692Hopefully you guys aren’t sick of baby pictures yet. Even though we’ve done this twice before it all seems so new and exciting to us! Not to mention I’m pretty much bed ridden and without my two favorite people, Mr Finn and Cougar, so I have lots of time to blog. IMG_3708Ryan did an excellent job initiating Royal’s first bath. Royal had a big blow out and it was off to the tub. I was like, “Wait! This is a rite of passage, I need to get in on this!” ‘Rite of passage or not’ Ryan said, ‘this boy is dirty and needs a bath’. I have always been nervous bathing them for the first time. Ryan took the lead on this, and Royal loved it. Well done Cheri.

IMG_3697IMG_3704IMG_3669Cheri! Looking good. The blog viewers will be seeing the new-and-improved stylish Ryan in the months to come! You just wait! So thankful to our wonderful families that have helped make what could be unbelievably overwhelming and hard into something so magical and wonderful! Cherishing this bonding time.IMG_3653IMG_3652Royal James I (“the first”) loved snuggling with his Grandma! He’s a snuggler!IMG_3597IMG_3756IMG_3758IMG_3789Toddler library turned law library. He’s saving a lot of time studying here, he has a few reading days before finals.  Who would have thought that we’d have a quiet newborn! Besides the occasional grunt he really doesn’t make much more than a peep! Ryan is especially excited to read the boys their new book, ‘Too Tall Houses’.  “Bound to be a new family favorite,” he says. New books are so fun. Thanks Grandma for spending all that time in the bookstore filtering through all those books to find the good ones!IMG_3732Meet the family Royal – Mom, Dad, Mr Finn, Jude, and oh the final member of the family ‘the camera!’ Always present, you’ll get used to it. Finn knows the camera well, that when we’re out he’ll just turns and ask, “Take a picture!” He has come to know… this is a picture moment! Between having them grow up (at least at this age) in front of the lens, and not having any photos, well you know my choice.IMG_3773Love this time for blogging! This outfit is the ‘Vroom, Vroom Outfit’ It was my one of my favorites with Finn, Jude and now Royal. When I had Finn I didn’t realize just how fast they grow. I went to put it on him and it didn’t fit. I immediately started to cry. So many things that I’ve felt almost blindsided on. Take it from me, babies grow FAST. It’s like Royal is on Miracle Grow right now, eating A LOT. Lots of diapers, wow. Never do you quite fully remember just how many!IMG_3740IMG_3764IMG_3766Do I really have to put this up? Yes, the blog looks a little too good to be true most times with all the beautiful beach shots. This is what’s really going on here, HB reading on the kindle recovering in bed. Weaning off the pain meds, drinking prune juice… won’t tell you how long the bowels have been stagnant!IMG_3594IMG_3641IMG_3737IMG_3599Enough for now. Missing my two other boys, excited to be together as a family soon! Thanks again for coming, Grandma Cindy. Such a special time. Thanks for being so generous with your time and everything else!

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  1. I love him! I’d love to see shots of all three boys as newborns.. I can’t tell who he looks most like! You look beautiful (and I’m so sorry about your bowels.. by far THE worst part of a c-section recover). Royal James I is such a doll. Good luck with finals, Ryan! I have Mono, so we’ll steer clear for a little while longer! Thinking of you Millers! You’re amazing and make it look SO easy!

    • Oh No! Mono! That’s awful, you poor thing, feel better soon. Thanks for your sweet comment Elisabeth. Yes bringing the bowels back is the worst amen to that! My only unwelcomed emotional moments so far…have been in the bathroom. After a few hours of trying to go #1 with no luck, I was in tears! I’m sure the nurses were just like STRUGGS! I sat there for like an hour and a half trying, awful! I was sooooo happy when it finally happened. It’s been REALLY tough this time around. Im going to pull our a classic newborn shot of each of the boys, Ryan and I both had to dig them out we were curious how they compared.

  2. Loved every minute I got to spend with you! I’m missing you three already! Such great pictures of Royal. He’s a perfect little clone of his mama, looks so much like Heather, especially in person. Thanks for the privilege of being with you at such a special time. I will cherish those memories always. Royal is such a peaceful baby, hardly ever fusses. Sure hope he stays that way! You could have two sweet little bookends (Finn and Royal) on either side of wild man Cougar Jude! Hats off to Heather for bringing three adorable boys in to the world! Such a wonderful mama! Keep the pictures coming! Love you! And Ryan, keep hitting those books! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sending my wife home…life was getting a bit lonely here. I am sure she’d get back on the plane toward LA tomorrow if she could.

  4. Can’t get enough pictures! Royal is such a scrumptious little man – looks like you guys are handling everything so well. Can’t wait to skype!

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