Two Weeks In-

Well Royal is two weeks old, phew! We made it! Pregnancy feels officially over, I’ve been off all my pain medicine for almost a week now and I’m feeling more like ‘me’. It’s amazing 9 months of pregnancy looming, so slow going, always counting down, looking forward to D-day and now it’s all in the past. It just feels so good to have that experience as just a memory. I’m so thankful my C-section went so well. I’m healing nicely and feel like I can start doing stuff around the house. Who thought I’d miss house work, but I’m actually excited to feel like I can run things again. The boys will be back a week from today. We miss them so much! My parents thankfully have been sending us pics and videos daily, and we get so excited to see them. Those boys are in heaven.


Finn has been having such a great time at Gigi’s house. Poor thing, he’s going to hate going back to our slower pace when he gets home. They go on so many fun outings like a trip to Mars at the Planetarium in Salt Lake.


Speaking of Mr Finn. I never wrote some of my own reflections about Royal’s birth but I have to just write this one thing down because it cracked me up so much and I don’t want to forget.

When Finn and Jude came in to meet Royal for the first time Finn was so sweet, a little shy. Not Jude, he came right up and wanted to see. So happy! When we asked Finn if he wanted to give him kisses or hugs he said, ‘Not yet.’ I had a hard time this time around keeping any fluid down after my C-section. Darn it all! My favorite part of being in the hospital is getting a catheter in so I can just down the water and ice and not have to pee and I couldn’t keep anything down for my first day.  After the boys got there I unfortunately got an intense waive of nausea and once it hit, throwing up quickly ensued for a bit. Well Finn saw me suddenly throwing up, and turned to my mom and said, “Poor thing!” It cracked me up. I guess I say that a lot.


He’s really started to track us with his eyes. He’s been a good eater. Hopefully I fed him often enough to have enough supply. I think we’re good. I love his big cheeks!

IMG_3822IMG_3814ACHOO! His baby sneezes are too cute.


Lots of movie nights with me and Royal while Dad studies for his finals. I’ve caught up on all the big budget films from Red Box. Saw some fun ones. The first week back from the hospital it rained all week, so it was really fun to be inside. It’s nice again, so we’ve been going on more walks.


One of our last nights together Finn decorated Frosty the Snowman. He loved it. I ‘m excited for him to see our Christmas tree. Gigi, I bet you haven’t even done your tree yet because the boys would probably destroy it! Or… have you?


4 responses

  1. Having so much fun with your little angels! Treasuring every moment….well, almost every moment! Also, realizing why we had our kids when we were young! Wow!!!

  2. Oh I love him!!! Some of these pics really reminded me of Harper…the nose and the cheeks I think are where I see it most. How amazing of your parents to take the boys so you could have this special time with the little man. Love you guys,

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