Two More Days!

The boys will be back in two more days! Hooray! Having this alone time with Royal has been so special. I’m so glad I got this time to connect. I feel so rejuvenated. I keep forgetting that my incision isn’t completely healed, I have to keep reminding myself.  After feeling so crummy that first week I feel a million times better now.  Here are a few pictures of what the boys have been up to, and a few more of Royal. Newborns really do change daily.

IMG_3828Man, sorry guys usually Ryan is able to get behind the camera sometimes and give things a fresh look,  but with finals he hasn’t been able to take a picture since we were in the hospital. I’ve always been the one to take a lot of the baby pictures though. This is probably so boring to most of you. But if you are missing the boys like we are, you will enjoy some of these iphone shots my dad sent us. I’ll try to throw up a movie or two as well. 

-8Toppy took the boys to the dinosaur museum, WOAH! I would have loved to seen the boys reaction to that. I’m sure at first Finn was scared. That shark is HUGE!


Love pampering Royal! I took him to the doctor and asked him 20 questions. Newborns…. I’m always second guessing if everything is okay. He’s almost 10 pounds. The doctor was like, ‘remarkable weight gain!’ I’m so glad that feeding has gone so well! I also got an appointment to get Jude’s hearing tested since he’s not talking much. All and all it was a really productive visit. Glad I took him in before the boys got back. It would have been much more work with all four of us. 

-4Finn has been on the late program, staying up with Gigi and Toppy enjoying some alone time after Jude goes down. Miss my Mr!

-5-9-7-6Love the blue lemon! What a fun outing. Mason has to be up in Salt Lake for tennis a few nights a week, so temple square is a great side trip. The boys had just woken up for naps.


I’m going to try and load some videos, please feel free to skip, loading with grandparents in mind.


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  1. I bet you’re so excited to have those little guys home!!! The videos are so fun. Love hearing the boys’ voices!! And Royal is totally changing…and growing! Love all the pictures…keep them coming! We miss you guys so much and wish we were spending Christmas with you and your sweet family. Love you, love you, love you! These pictures make me miss you so much!!!!

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