Handsome Royal –

I heard that some of you wanted more pictures of Royal! Well, I have more, I have more! Royal often times wears this little furrowed brow look on his his face while he’s up during the day – but yesterday I was able to grab a few shots of him just enjoying himself.

Miss you all! Sorry if this is overboard.

IMG_3945Ryan is taking his second to last final today. His last one is on Monday, so happy to have these over with. Can’t wait to hang out with the boys and enjoy the holiday. My dad is flying back with them in the morning alone! It’s a pretty short flight, but I’m already sending good thoughts his way!

IMG_3907IMG_3914You guys Royal has been an unreal baby. I am so thankful, so easy! When we were in the hospital that first night we got like no sleep- but it wasn’t because of Royal – there was a baby next door to us that wailed and screamed the entire night. SO loud. I didn’t think it was possible for a baby to be THAT loud. I just know that an easy baby is not a given. I know he’ll be more challenging as he stops sleeping as much, and with the other boys home I’ll be juggling a lot. But wow, things have really gone well so far.

IMG_3905Last night getting all ready for bed. All clean, he enjoys the tube!


IMG_3925IMG_3940IMG_3948IMG_3967Royal has been attempting to hold his neck up since the hospital. I’ve heard multiple times that I guess he has a very strong neck. Finn was like that too –

IMG_3975IMG_3968IMG_3983IMG_3985IMG_3995IMG_3991‘Night, Night’ ‘Baby Royal’ -as Finn says.

Good luck on your final today Cheri – I thought I’d try to throw this up quickly so you would see it when you got to school, maybe cheer up your day. Sorry you got pee’d all over this morning. Such bad luck! Not the easiest way to start the day. Love you!

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  1. Thank you for posting these! Made my morning. ‘Handsome Royal’ – just like “handsome Rob” in the Italian Job movie! He sure does try to keep his head up on his own a lot – strong willed? Has he been spending time with Jude without us knowing?

  2. So cute 🙂 Thanks for your comment on my blog awhile ago. The adventure has continued so I never got a chance to say congratulations on your pregnancy and now congratulations on such a handsome little guy! I’m so happy for you all! Hey, would you email me your address so I can send you a Christmas “card” ?

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