Guess Where We Are?!

Well surprise, surprise we are in Minnesota! We up and decided to go to Ryan’s parents for Christmas. We decided less than 48 hours ago to come and here we are. All five of us! Traveling with Royal went so smooth. It could not have gone any better. Ryan had both the boys on the plane, and Jude was the best he’s ever been on a flight. He slept the first hour and didn’t even cry until we taxied to get off. It was perfect. Things are definitely intense, I’m excited for a peaceful day tomorrow. We’ve been going, going!

IMG_4122IMG_4069Only Ryan’s mom knew we were coming into town. We all met up at a restaurant, and it was a big surprise. It was fun surprising family. We weren’t planning on traveling with Royal still being less than a month old but the holiday spirit really gets you in the mood to be with family. Above picture: Sweet Kennedi with Leanna at Red Stone. Such incredible food. I had I think my favorite thing I’ve eaten all year, some sea bass with szechuan veggies. Love, love my nieces! Miss you love you guys – they are off to Ohio for a wedding, we won’t see them again till next year.


It is late, but I love you blog viewers. Not going to lie, not quite firing on cylinders. I keep seeing spots in my vision the lack of sleep has really started to get to me. So I’m going to just throw these up here quickly. A few pics with the boys hanging out with their cousins.

IMG_4137IMG_4077IMG_4116 IMG_4073IMG_4129IMG_4099IMG_4088IMG_4135Quick shout out to my dad for bringing my boys back home! He flew them back all by himself. I appreciate it so much! Love you


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  1. Best surprise!!!!! It was so great to see you guys and your beautiful family! You know we just adore all of you!! I was so excited to see you! I was so shocked at first! So great!!

    Thanks for coming over on Thursday – we just loved having you. Adelie & Kennedi were in heaven having their favorite pals to play with!!! I wish we had more time with you. It was so tough to leave Minnesota yesterday, knowing you’re all here.

    Thank you for making the trip! I can’t even imagine how tired you must be right now. We loved loved loved seeing you!!!!!! Have a great time with the family!! Oh! And I’m definitely stealing some of these pictures – so great!!!!!!

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