MN Christmas

Happy Christmas friends! The Miller family is doing great – boy I was exhausted after our travels but I am doing great now. Love having a few extra hands around! The boys have loved hanging out with the canines, and wearing all their warm clothes. Jude loves the snow – that kid cracks me up, we all know that Jude can definitely do his fair share of whining, but a face plant in the snow- sand, or a mouthful of water in the tub and he’s fine! The ice is beautiful right now. There is a little snow out on the lake but for the most part the lake feels untouched.


We celebrated Jude’s birthday on Friday. He is two years old! Can you believe it? Grandma Cindy did a great job, she had a Car’s birthday cake and bought some cars toys for him. Nothing gets Jude more excited than Cars!


You know things are a little crazy here. Not much commentary, we are having a great time. Royal’s hair seems to be lightening up, or maybe he’s just losing a little. Sleeping is…. well rough. But I am happy! So fun visiting with family.


Ryan’s sister Leanna is with her husband’s family for a wedding. Emily and Clayton are here and we’ll get to see Mark and Libby on our last day, hooray!

IMG_4264Jude had a great time outside, so funny watching him walk on the ice. Finn didn’t like being cold. He didn’t sleep well last night. I think he may be coming down with a cold. Got a runny nose on our hands, a little fussy too. So we probably won’t be outside too much with them.


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