Jude Everest, Ice King


IMG_4338Jude went ice skating on the lake for the first time – he had a smile on his face the whole time! Mr. Finn was a little jealous in the house, but he has a stuffy nose so we thought it best to keep him inside for a couple of days. Jude – what can you say about this boy, he always surprises you. He loves being outsideIMG_4344IMG_4403IMG_4345IMG_4353The ice has been near perfect for skating – there is a part near the middle of the lake that is like glass. Ryan has skated several miles a day so far and gets a good workout by playing hockey with Winston. That’s right – Winston loves running around the lake, chasing the puck.IMG_4347IMG_4363IMG_4370IMG_4376IMG_4409IMG_4400IMG_4377IMG_4383 As you can see, the boys have quite the fashionable sledding outfits! Thank you! They’re staying very busy here with all the unique adventures. Excited for Christmas! There’s something about the snow, the ice, evergreen trees and the birds (big red-headed woodpeckers!) that really makes it feel like Christmas, not to mention the fire in the fireplace. Winter wonderland!IMG_4385IMG_4386

One response

  1. Jude looks right at home on those skates. Perhaps we can find a few YouTube instructional videos–as he needs a bit of work on his technique! Fun pictures.

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