A trip to Cindy’s Dialysis Clinic

Today we went to see where Ryan’s mom work. Ryan’s mom, Grandma Cindy is a dialysis nurse in Buffalo. It was a snowy picturesque afternoon. It was fun to surprise her. It’s fun to have an idea of what she does now. Jude within 30 seconds of getting into the building tried to pull the fire alarm. Cougar! Luckily, Petes made a great lunge and barely avoided that fiasco! Cindy was nice to let me snap a few pictures, most of her shifts are doubles so she opens the clinic at 5 am and leaves around 9 pm twice a week! She’d been working 17 hours.

IMG_4537IMG_4527Love Grandma Cindy’s matching pink shoes! IMG_4525


Cindy even took us into the inner sanctums of the clinic! Stock room and all! Way to do the work Grandma Cindy! I have some pictures from Christmas day to share, but I’ll do another post later. I am having some spotty internet at the moment. I hope you all have a great weekend!




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