‘The Eyes Have It!’

We’re home! So far so good with all three of the boys. I definitely feel like having three now is like being welcomed to ‘the big leagues’! Wow, and Royal James sleeps most of the day! 

Royal is pretty much out of his newborn outfits and I wanted to snap one or two more photos with him squeezed into one of my favorites. Finn was like, ” I want pictures!” Jude didn’t let me snap more than one or two of him, but Mr Finn loved sitting in front of the camera. 


IMG_4707Getting so much bigger!

Finn has such long eye lashes! 



The boys favorite indoor activity is painting, even Jude got into the fun! I need to stock up on more supplies. We’ve been out, but I am trying to  not do too much too soon. I am going to research some pre-school co-op options for Finn. He’s so ready, and wants to be entertained all day.


IMG_4679Love my sweet boys!

Sorry this post is so jumbled… uploader being quirky.


7 responses

  1. I LOVE the last two pictures. Finn is at such a sweet age. I had so much fun playing with him while we were there. Jude is precious as well! And Royal…he was a perfect baby. 🙂 Miss you guys already.

    • Thanks Em! You know Mr- our little ham. He works it with the camera. I just need to train Jude. Okay New Year, need to update my Goodreads list, you and Clayton gave me some must reads if only I can remember….

  2. Magnificent!!! Tell my buddies “nice job on the Osbor….” Nicely done indeed boys! Nicely done…..the “O”!!!!!

  3. I think you should rename this post “The eyes have it”!!! What great photos of each of their eyes… Jude’s blue eyes really stand out! And Finn’s are so beautiful with those incredible lashes. And baby Royal, aren’t those flecks of brown I see??? He looks more like Heather every day! Great job HB with the up close photos!!! Keep the blog updates coming. I’m in little boy withdrawal. Grandma Cindy

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