Trying to Capture the Boys

Ryan has coordinated his class schedule this semester so that he has class late a couple days a week but has Friday’s off. It will be so great to have him around if we really need him to be. Today for example Finn was really sick so Ryan took him to the doctor early. Hopefully it’s just a bad cold, but he’s been coughing so hard. Royal is changing so fast so I took an opportunity to snap more pictures, and with Finn gone Jude was able to get a little attention too.

IMG_5005 IMG_5022  IMG_5036 IMG_5041IMG_5044 Jude thought it was so funny to have Royal in Lightning McQueen. He wanted to pull him around but I think we’ll have to save that for another day. 


IMG_5008It’s hard to capture the boys in the way I see them in my mind. Occasionally I’ll get a picture and we’ll say – there he is! This last one Ryan and I both were like, ‘There’s Royal!’  Since Finn was at the doctor he’s not really represented in this post. A little update on Finn, he loves his new red tricycle. He knows how to coast from his green bike but he doesn’t know how to pedal, so when he saw this bike in the scrap/donation area in our apartment complex, we may have fished it out! It even has a bell, he loves it.


One response

  1. oh my oh my!!! That last one tells the whole story! King Royal James Miller the 1st! “Don’t mess with me, I am Royal the 1st, of many Royals to come!!!” Yes indeed!!! Was he watching Downton Abby with you? Don’t see that British look in either of his kind parents!!! So so awesome!!
    BTW, we are coming one week from tomorrow!!!! To see out little KING!!!

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