A Cool Evening at the Cove


Our first family photo together! Tonight we enjoyed flying the kite at Crystal Cove, its been a bit chilly here. We were pleasantly surprised to find the sun feeling very warm. It wasn’t too cold at all!



IMG_5292 IMG_5278 IMG_5218 IMG_5205IMG_5346 IMG_5150 IMG_5265In true Jude fashion, exploring a little off on his own! Jude loves Lightning – his car. He sleeps with a car, bathes with a car, and today we even let him go to the beach with his car. He doesn’t forget for a moment about his cars. Jude is REALLY coming along guys. He saw me take out the camera and he looked and flashed this big posed smile. He usually is so off doing his ow thing, but he actually wanted to model for the camera. It was precious.

IMG_5131 IMG_5271The boys were tackling each other in the sand. We were laughing so hard!


7 responses

  1. Can’t decide which I like best: The monkey kite or the yellow pants. Has to be the yellow pants… So Jude! I love all the photos, and especially the sunset shots. What a blessing to be so close to the ocean. My beach view is a lot different than yours! It’s a whopping 3 degrees here today and plenty of ice fishermen out (Minnesota-strange what can I say?) not to mention a -20 wind chill. Royal is feasting well I see… Chubby cheeks! I swear Jude looks more like Austin every time I see him! That boy was born to walk barefoot in the sand! Finn’s hair is growing out nicely from his self-imposed chop job! So so cute! Gosh I miss you all!!! Keep the blog posts coming HB… We love them!

  2. Can’t forget to comment on the parents! That first shot of Ryan and Heather??? Who would ever guess you have had 3 boys in 3 years??? You look terrific!!! Heather you could pass for 18! :). Considering all the stress you’ve both taken on, it’s absolutely amazing to me that you’re not all shriveled up with worry lines! You guys look so happy! Great family shots! Keep it up!

  3. We’re with Cindy–amazing photos, beautiful people, gorgeous parents and even better looking kids (that is impossible of course, so no worries)! I won’t be too heavy here as this is purely for fun. However, Gigi and Toppy literally could not be more proud of the Millers, all five of them. We are inspired to be better! Love you!

  4. This post has brightened my day! I love all the pictures. The boys in those sweaters are so darn cute! I just want to kiss them. Heather and Ryan thank you for sharing with us in your life and those beautiful boys. Seeing the picture makes it easier to be away from your beautiful family because I feel connected through your blog and day to day activity with those little boys. Yes, Cindy Heather could pass for 18!

  5. Lots of great, happy pictures. The one that I like the most is the last one–the silhouette at sunset! Beautiful! pjm

  6. Favorite Finn comment of the night, when the kite went down and it was time to put it away: “wet cheeky monkeys can’t fly. noooo.”

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