Leanna We Love You

Our dear sister Leanna is going through what I’m sure will be the hardest time in her life – it’s not my story to tell so I won’t divulge much – but last week she experienced a serious health scare following an emotionally tragic event. We love her so much, she’s an inspiring human being that makes life so beautiful. Leanna is that person who: never forgets your birthday, is always wearing something bright and happy, she loves pink, loves buying things for other people – thoughtfully picked out especially for you things – she is always laughing, she’s always the life of the party, an incredible mother and wife. Her husband absolutely adores her, and her girls are like miniature colorful versions of her -aside from the fact that she brought my beautiful nieces into the world that I love and adore – she is an incredible sister. Before I even knew Ryan, I had a chance to meet Leanna while visiting her brothers and I remember recognizing and admiring the deep love she had for her brothers. Having grown up with only brothers I related so much to that. I remember thinking vividly, “What a great family.” Never would I have thought that they would become mine as well. So thankful for the inspiring person that she is. 


Here are some of my favorite pictures of Leanna! She has so much enthusiasm for life, she always finds so much beauty in everything. I’m serious, you guys should see this girl’s kitchen – happiest place on earth. Color, color, color!


560360_4864437611701_701491812_nLeanna ran her fifth marathon this year! Way to go Lelers! Leanna loves the Twin Cities Marathon, it’s a beautiful course: with lake side views, and tons of people cheering you on it is definitely a community favorite. A few years ago I signed up to run with her, but Ryan and I were living in DC at the time and it just wasn’t good timing – next time Lelers! I want to run that with you sometime.  The shot above is Leanna with her daughter after that race.

3179_1161100590590_462097_n5455_1229676264939_133875_n74520_1702780852258_4714699_n403744_3030336320315_1202219457_n385132_4854356199672_876506442_nAnd to see how far you’ve come – a blast from the past. Oh boy!


226637_1053964032243_3022_n IMG_4779 DSC01399_2 IMG_4153 IMG_0041 IMG_4251

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this – and all the pictures!!! Such wonderful memories!! This really warms my heart!! The beautiful part of all the pain we’ve experienced in the past two weeks is that we have been able to feel such sweet love – and you two have been amazing at making us feel loved. I will never forget calling Heather when we first found out that the doctor couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat. I have never felt so sad in my life…but at the same time, so close to you…which says a lot, since you have always been so close to my heart. I felt your love so strong that morning…and then when things went horribly wrong the following weekend, you two kept cheering for me to heal…and I felt confident that things would get better & we’d make it through this tragic time. Calling you from the hospital and hearing your voices again, after experiencing a weekend where I almost didn’t make it…was amazing. I can’t tell you how special it felt to hear your voices. I will remember that phone call forever. So special for me.

    I adore you both. I hope you will always know how much I love you, Ryan!! I’m so lucky to have you as a brother. And Heather, having you as a sister & friend is so special…you bring so much joy to my life! You both make me feel loved…and I am so thankful for all the memories we’ve shared and all of the times you’ve made me smile. Thank you both for making me feel loved.

    And we will definitely run a marathon together someday…and we will hug each other at the finish line!!! Love you!!

  2. We love you and your family – what a whirlwind 2013 has been so far. So thankful your body was strong during those critical hours. Keep your head up, lots of sunny days ahead!

  3. We all love you so much, Leanna. Especially at this time, I am so glad that you have a best friend and wonderful, supportive, loving husband in Nate. You were made for each other and together you can help each other through the pain and sadness. There is so much love for you in this family. We are each so blessed by you. We are so very grateful for the wonderful wife and mother, sister and daughter and aunt that you are. You bring joy to this family, each and every one of us!
    Thank you, Heather for this beautiful post! Love, Mom

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