There’s Some News!

IMG_4851Hello, hello, from an under-the-weather Hb! We have had some form of sickness- causing havoc on our little Miller family since Christmas.  Finn got Jude, Ryan, and myself sick last week! Hopefully Royal holds out a little while longer. Go breast-feeding antibodies!

Mu parents just came into town today, it’s been a little cold here but the weather just turned gorgeous! We are in for a 70’s week here so we’ll be spending lots of time at the beach. I’ve already broken out Royal’s sun hat for our walks outside these last two days.

IMG_4996Since we’ve been sick not too many fun adventures to report on, but it seems I always have a few pictures on my camera taken over a week. Royal is getting BIG. Wow, I just love, love, love my sweet baby ‘Royal James’ as Finn and I always call him around the house. He gets what I call the ‘king treatment’ every night before bed. A bath with mom, then oiled and lotioned from head to toe with a fresh outfit on. I’ve been really, really trying to keep a gold standard with Royal. Just because he’s the youngest I don’t want to feel like I’m cutting corners. It’s not perfect but I feel like I’m taking really good care of him. He’s definitely been easy, thank heavens. Could not have asked for a better baby, he’s perfect.

IMG_5359Talk about the ‘King treatment’ these boys have been taking 3 showers/tubs a day being stuffed up. Every time Finn gets out of the tub he asks for ‘baby Finn’ he loves to be cradled in his towel like a baby after the tub.

IMG_4999I haven’t really said much about the transition from two to three. I’ve been meaning to. My first reaction is that it has been easier than I was expecting. I was psyching myself out pretty bad though – I was a little scared. It’s also been easier because we’ve had so much help. Help is a definite, definite must in the beginning. I was expecting some sort of transition period with the boys maybe them being rough with Royal but Finn is so incredibly tender. When Finn saw Ryan holding Royal one evening he said, ‘Mom’s baby!’ Finn thinks he and I take care of Royal together. Finn does a great job at being Royal’s protector. Jude has been rough with Royal once or twice but it was more on accident than out of jealousy.



Big News! Big, Big, BIG News! 

Ryan is graduating from law school this semester! This May! Some of you may not be savy to our specific timeline, but we were planning on being done by August. It turns out however that he has enough credits to graduate after this semester. The school just recently changed their regulations on how they count credits for their JD/MBA students. Ryan has been taking pretty much the most classes you can, going non stop, doing summer classes, intensive weekend courses, and it will have definitely paid off! He will have done his MBA and his JD in 3 years! Absolutely incredible! So proud of you Cheri! We are so excited, but a little taken back! Now this means we’ll be tackling the bar this summer!

IMG_4857Love this pic of Royal and his bear. Not posed, he loves his bear. I literally find his arm around his bear all the time in his bouncer! So sweet.


IMG_4950I’m taking Jude in two days for his audiology (hearing) appointment. He’s still not really talking – he definitely has his own little language but it is gibberish. There’s no doubt he can hear, but we’re suspicious that his ears don’t drain correctly making things muffled. I’ll report back and let you know what they said.


9 responses

  1. First off: WAY TO GO, RYAN!!! So, so, so proud of you! I could never juggle even half of what you’ve taken on these last few years. An incredible accomplishment to marry, become a father 3-times over, get your MBA and complete a JD!!!! You’re not bald and you haven’t developed a nervous twitch either! Just kidding. Don’t forget: none of it could have happened without Heather. She deserves a degree (or two or three) as well. Inspiring what teamwork, sacrifice and determination can do!! Proud of BOTH of you.

    Heather, I do believe I see brown eyes coming on baby Royal!!! Look at Jude playing to the camera! Can almost smell Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (a heavenly smell) all the way out in Minnesota. We love the bear pictures!

    Hope Gigi and Poppy have as much fun with those boys as we did. Have a wonderful week “in the 70’s” . Here in the frozen tundra it is FIVE BELOW ZERO! No kidding! Literally takes your breath away!
    Love to you all, Mom

  2. That is fabulous news, guys!! I am so excited for you two!

    As always, I love the pictures!! A little jealous of your warm weather. It is way too cold here.

  3. Yes…what mom said! That’s really incredible–finishing both degrees so very early. Of course, your journey has been twice as challenging with all the family responsibilities that you’ve taken on. Of course, it’s great that Heather is so capable of so much. Amazing work!! Let us know how that hearing exam goes! Close your windows tonight…looks cool. Granted, it will be 20 degrees below zero here tonight–our windows will be closed.

  4. I am so proud of you, Ryan!!!!!!!! That is awesome! Such great news! You are such a hard worker – and I’m truly impressed by your dedication to school and your family. I’m sure it wasnt easy trying to balance everything – but you and Heather are an incredible team…so happy for you…and so proud of you!!! xoxoxo!!

  5. Well Jude hears everything. They did a really thorough test and and he passed with flying colors, I guess his ears look good. We are actually off to a speech therapist tomorrow, it will be interesting to hear their approach to helping Jude talk more.

    • Let us know how the appointment goes. It’ll be great to work with a specialist and hear their recommendations. xo!

  6. Good luck with the upcoming appointments. We’re all interested in Jude’s situation–which no doubt impacts each member of your family. All our love, Dad

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