Martin Luther King Weekend

Welcome back to Cali, Gigi and Toppy! We’ve had a fun weekend hanging out with the two of them, oh and we can’t forget Jasper! Jasper is great rolling California styes with his head out the window wherever we go. Highlights include: Royal’s official first beach day – he loved the chicco! Walking balbloa island, a trip to fashion island -Royal got his first pair of Hannah PJ’s! We got to enjoy e eating lunch at the new Whole Foods in Newport – amazing! How does this sound: grilled chicken, sun dried tomato, goat cheese, avocado, grilled onions toasted! It was heaven peeps. My parents are so sweet they have even let us crash their peaceful evenings to enjoy the ambiance at the Pelican. It’s always fun to have an excuse to spend more time in Newport Beach.
IMG_5460 IMG_5447 IMG_5469 IMG_5450 IMG_5441Jude going to town on the box of Rose’s donuts! Eating lunch on the beach was so fun.

Toppy was out like a light while watching the first half of the 49’er game. Royal was cozy on Toppy’s comfy chest. IMG_5427IMG_5522
IMG_5521 IMG_5516 IMG_5487 IMG_5483 IMG_5544 IMG_5536 IMG_5535 IMG_5531 IMG_5512 IMG_5508 IMG_5491

2 responses

  1. What a great outing! Love the picture of Jude walking towards the camera with the ocean behind him ….. Little man on a mission! Love that snuggly little Royal! And am I crazy? Something is different with Jasper, his ears look longer or something! Ha! Boy, you have really gotten your money’s worth with the Baby Bjorne. Feels like yesterday that Jude was in it. Gigi and Toppy looking terrific as always!
    Love you! Mom

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