Lobster anyone?

  I have been loving our time at the beach with my mom and dad. It’s been incredibly warm here. We’ve been laying out in our swimsuits, so nice! Not bad for January! I can’t believe how fast it warmed up here. We saw some guys catching lobster on our walk tonight. So sweet! We got to chat with them about the sport behind it, man so cool. I want to try that sometime.

IMG_5586 IMG_5580 IMG_5576 IMG_5572 IMG_5641


IMG_5569  IMG_5618 IMG_5594 IMG_5614IMG_5591This one is probably my favorite from the last two days. So peaceful-

IMG_5621Finn got to drive with Gigi the two blocks to their hotel. He loves being one- on- one with Gigi. I closed the door and I heard him say, “I like being just us”. He’s holding Jasper in his ‘house’. It’s a beautiful view from the Pelican. I was laughing at the boys in the tub, right next to the stone soaking tub they have a window that you can open and look out. Gigi, enjoying her tea.


2 responses

  1. Lobster: How can something so ugly taste so good! I am envious of the warm weather you’ve had. Such beautiful shots. Everyone looks so relaxed. So glad you had a fun time together!

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