Kickin It At The Great Park

IMG_5725We love The Great Park here in Irvine. Aside from the carousel that you can ride as many times as you want for free, they have these beautiful open grass fields that the boys love to run around in. Next time we have family in town we need to do a picnic here. There are no parking lots close, and no where for the boys to get into trouble- the perfect place. Tonight we reminisced about some of our past visits, one in particular will always stick out – that time we biked to the park and I crashed into a planter and broke my arm. Struggs Hb, struggs!

IMG_5714Jude, I love you with all of my heart and I promise to help you thrive in your way.

IMG_5678IMG_5679IMG_5673 IMG_5681 IMG_5697 IMG_5709Lots of pictures of Jude tonight – he’s been on our minds a lot. My favorite part of taking the boys to the park is watching the glances between Finn and Jude. I love watching them look back with anticipation for the other.


IMG_5753Finn sees us always wearing our sunglasses so he’s been putting his on a lot. I’m proud of myself that I’m getting better using my manual settings – I was always overwhelmed about using it because I felt I wouldn’t be able to change settings quick enough. But I’m getting faster and that feels good. I was able to go from a lot of sun to dark and find the sweet spot on my first try. It made me feel good.

IMG_5747Time to get this caravan of boys in the tub!

IMG_5749You ready for the random part of this post? haha! Mom and Dad aren’t nearly as well documented as our beloved children – but I still try and get us in front of a camera when we can, I know you want to see how we’re doing too. Thanks for the iphone shot Toppy!


Sure do love my baby Royal James

IMG_5654Quick shout out to our families – thank you for teaching us to love life so much – even when it throws you curve balls.


Christmas Project - 086

7 responses

    • Thanks Em! Sorry we haven’t caught up in a long time. Rough week – Just read that you’re feeling a little under the weather. I hope you feel better soon! Love you guys, we need to catch up soon. Say hi to Duncan and Clayton for me. Love you-

  1. This post is so sweet…I love all the pictures of sweet little Jude!!! You guys are an amazing family and we all love you so much! I wish more than anything that I could give each of you a huge hug!! Love you more than you’ll ever know!!!!

  2. Great post! But hey, did anyone notice what’s going on behind Ryan’s right shoulder? I zoomed in on it and ……… Well……… Eeeeeeekkkkk!!!!! Mom 🙂

  3. Glad to see you were able to sneak a picture of muscle-man Ryan in there.

    Beautiful boys! Very tender days. We’re with you! Love,


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