Koi Fish + Koi Looking Boys

IMG_5830No I did not intentionally dress my boys to look like the koi fish-that just happened, but so sweet!


Today I met up with some friends at Fashion Island. I had some sweaters for the boys that I needed to get in  smaller sizes. I’m sure you’ll see them on the blog, they are cute -reversible. Color coded 🙂 You know me. We had a great time, the boys LOVE the fountains! Jamie even put on her extra attachment in her chicco so Finn could ride around with Bailey. It was a fun day. We snagged a little lunch let the kids run around, and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. Jamie and I joke that Bailey is Finn’s girlfriend. They have fun together. IMG_5804 IMG_5824 IMG_5827

IMG_5840IMG_5822Looking great Jamie, congrats on 33 weeks!


Quick anecdote about Finn: he has been listening to the way I socialize with kids his age, especially girls, and my favorite thing he says is when we say goodbye lately he’s been saying, “goodbye sweethearts!” We checked out each and every fish and talked about our favorite thing about each one after our friends left, it was fun. Then Jude got a little too comfortable and decided he wanted to get in the pond. We had to take off his clothes when we got to the car- wet!

IMG_5853Our little baby Royal James is so incredibly pleasant! I really didn’t have many complaints with Jude as a baby. I do remember having to remind myself to take a lot of deep breaths. To be honest I think I was pretty much the only one that had the patience to handle him, hey, we all remember the classic stink-eye Jude pics. He was such a character as a baby! I really didn’t expect it to be really easy with Royal, I mean babies can be hard! I am literally astounded by how pleasant Royal is. I could gush, he makes my heart swell everyday. We love you!

IMG_5795IMG_5783The boys have had a blast with the fun things that arrived in the mail!


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  1. Oh Heather! What a fun post! The koi pictures are great, and the glasses make me belly laugh every time I see them! Will have to print a copy of those to start my day out on a happy note… Tape it to my mirror! Love that little squirrel Jude, of course he’d get wet! And look at his HUGE blue eyes! This is one of my favorites! Have a great weekend! Mom

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