Watching the Regatta Head Out

What a beautiful day in Newport Beach! Getting out with everyone definitely takes a little more time but it has been worth it – we’re having incredible weather here right now. This afternoon we were in for a pleasant surprise, the regatta was just circling in the harbor waiting to go out. There was a nice breeze and the light clouds cleared – a perfect time to sail.

IMG_5950IMG_5947Jude LOVED pointing to all the boats. The beach is phenomenal in the winter, it is so quiet. Love, love how dead the peninsula is at this time of year-empty beaches. We parked towards the pier and walked through the neighborhoods towards the wedge. So many great places in Southern California. Between the neighborhoods and the sailboats we did plenty of dreaming today! IMG_5954There were about 15 sailboats in the harbor when we got there. Those people were in for a fun afternoon! Yesterday was overcast and I was missing the sun after one day. I’m blogging while watching the Super Bowl. We were cracking up at everyone’s preparations for the big game. We did chicken kabobs this afternoon afer the beach. Fun day! Even though it’s a stressful time we are going to try and have a lot of fun over the next few months. May is going to come too fast.IMG_5906IMG_5960We brought some bread for the birds. They were making a lot of noises, the boys had a lot of fun feeding the birds.IMG_5985IMG_6004IMG_5938IMG_5937IMG_5941IMG_5939IMG_5963IMG_5971


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