What Our Weekdays Usually Look Like

Last night we went on a walk like we usually do,  Dad was home early so I snagged my camera. Much easier to take pictures when you have an extra set of hands. Funny how the things we do most don’t seem important enough to take pictures of, or post. I want to remember our evenings at the park. In years past we’ve spent most of our time at the Citrus Park next to our house, but within a mile of our house we actually have 4 parks. So lately I’ve been letting the boys choose which park they want to go to, and ‘the train park’ has been a frequent winner. IMG_6061

The boys were transfixed by this cement truck! Who needs the train park! On our walk we almost always see a fire truck, the fire house is only a few blocks away from our house so any vehicles coming and going we see. The boys go crazy!IMG_6068This is day 3 officially being ‘on the dieit’ the ‘Jude diet’ as we’ve been calling it offhandedly. We’ve been trying to give him gluten free for the last week, but it took a while to build up enough of a stock to go completely ‘on the diet’.We have cause to believe that Jude will be his best self on a gluten-soy-lactose free diet!  We have been making a spinach drink a couple times a week. So easy, so delicious! Spinach, lemon, apple, orange juice, and mineral water,  oh and a little ice! Even Jude will drink it.  IMG_5895In the pooh bear cup! The taste is a little intense at first.

IMG_5893   I have actually found some great food options already. What kid can’t live without macaroni and cheese? Well I found a great quinoa blend, that I make with coconut milk, and we’ve got some great crackers (‘Nut Thins) (Raincoast Crisps– these are for me! Unreals technically not gluten free. If my figure completely goes. It’s because I can’t stop eating these with brie. Danger, danger!) Last thing, I found some little cookies that are gluten free, Jude loves these. Now I just have to expand to cooking gluten free. I didn’t even realize until now but, asian noodles – gluten free. Rice noodles! We sure do love a good pad thai. That’s pretty much how all I’ve tried to cook so far that’s intentionally gluten/soy free. As my friend Haley told me, ‘Creativity loves constraints!’ Back to our adventure at the park. IMG_6148 IMG_6144 IMG_6162 IMG_6127 IMG_6126 IMG_6130Look who is really starting to come to life! He’s been staying awake a lot lately in the bjorn, arching his head back so he can see what’s going on. IMG_6120 IMG_6105 IMG_6094During the week this park is really quiet which I like. On the weekend it gets busy. It’s right off the trail we like to run on. I feel like we’re always trying to go where the people aren’t!    IMG_6076 IMG_6170A final note to end on, my precious Finn loves Royal so much. He is always looking out for him. Poor Jude, if he even gets close Finn runs over and tackles him down! He doesn’t want him getting close. Last night while climbing into bed Finn’s leg brushed Royal, I think Finn thought it was me and pushed against his him. Royal was startled and cried, hard. Finn was beside himself sad, he felt horrible that he had made Royal cry. Royal doesn’t cry much so when he does it just breaks your heart! I took Royal and I calmed him down and when I went to check on Finn he was just choking back tears. He felt so bad. IMG_6041 IMG_6035


3 responses

  1. That picture of Jude on the slide is one of my favorites by far. And the story of Finn feeling bad about Royal crying is so sweet!!

  2. Hey guys – was a baby shower when you called! Will try you back tomorrow as we are off to bed being both a bit sick. As for gluten free – I have a good friend here who has celiac and she is a wealth of info and I am sure she’d give you a lot of great ideas of how to go about this as she just went through the process a few years ago. The boys look so happy enjoying all that sunshine. Love you guys.

  3. What a wonderful day! I am so proud of my little Jude, drinking those green drinks like his Toppy! Go Jude Go! Love you guys!

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