Some Randomness

We don’t often have colder days here in So Cal, so when they come they are actually kind of refreshing! Our weekend has been a little random and uneventful so pardon the randomness of this post.

I was talking to my grandparents a few days ago, and my grandma mentioned that she watched a special that PBS did on Ryan’s law school, Southwestern. It’s an incredibly beautiful old- recently restored- building and it got me thinking that I should show you guys some pictures. Here are a few!

1156144584_561124a67f_oThe law school is in the old Bullocks Wilshire building. Bullocks was a high end department store for a long time. High end as in the building was known for being a frequent shopping destination for people like: Judy Garland, Mae West, and Doris Day. The law school has kept many of  the department stores original spaces like: the famous ‘tea room’,  the Cocoa Chanel Salon, and another spacious space referred to as the Louis XVI room.

Front of the building – To put it into perspective, the school is in between downtown and Beverley Hills.  1155284689_7244a6f18f_o

Entrance- they do a good job at keeping it safe and secluded from the rush of the environment with a nice outdoor courtyard. Which incidentally has a designated ‘non-smoking area’ due to Ryan’s letter to the Dean. Way to go Cheri! With beautiful So Cal weather you want to be outside; but who wants to whif second hand smoke every time you walk outside!

IMG_5385 1155225403_2be8fe9837_oIMG_5396IMG_53991156299624_8f0ef007b0_o1155284617_6f030761de1155225379_a24fd9bc22_opurple_door1156522160_005784faf6

I guess this art deco mural is in the entrance to the law library.

1156471092_14b902a637_oWe Love you Cheri!IMG_6018

3 responses

  1. What a beautiful building! I am guessing that the tuition was similarly expensive! Most fitting for the training of some of the best JDMBA talent in the golden state! One semester to go!

  2. Heather I am so glad that you shared this. Thank you so much. Amazing!

    So excited for the next chapter for you two….whatever it brings, where ever it takes you, it will be wonderful and rewarding! You two know know more than ever that “You can do hard things” with grace, goodness and beauty!
    God Bless you both as you work through these exciting decisions!

  3. Nice post, Heather! Yes, that is where I spend most of my days, but the classrooms and law library are far less aesthetic than the exterior. Lots of interesting history behind the building. It’s a unique environment – studying contracts in the building where John Wayne bought his horse saddles. We don’t build many buildings in this country anymore with the expectation that they’ll be used and admired 50, 100 years in the future.

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